What Zero Means to Me

by Paradise Newland

Zero means a lot to me which is why it has taken the better part of two weeks to answer the request to put something together about it for Zero Pictures. I was elated last summer when my friend Michael K (Kastenbaum) called to announce the winning name for his production company was Zero Pictures. For shortly before, while my son Tiger and I were his houseguests en route home to Hawai'i he had actively questioned my use of the word "zero" rather than "no" or "not" in some form. As well a some of my other uses of "zero". We had many discussions about it and as we say in Hawai'i it is time to talk story.

The average child hears "no" or "don't" 40,000-50,000 times before the age of five. This works out to about 30-40 times a day from birth on. When I heard this information while I was carrying my first child Tiger, it upset me. It seemed there was entirely too much negativity being passed on to children from day one and the concurrent effect on their lives in hearing so many "no's" and "don't's". I resolved to find another way to communicate and to pass on clear language skills to my yet to be born child.

At the time I was already creating/discovering a new language technology called Language Sculpting. One of its fundamental qualities is that it allows us to create coherent realities through the conscious use of language. As I was about to start language sculpting a friend's book I saw in meditation what happens very literally when we hear the "not" word. Our brain "k'nots" up and gets all tightly bound energetically. Our thinking slows down as we have trouble turning around in our own minds because of this "k'notted" condition. As well, we are closed off from contact beyond ourselves at the more subtle levels. To me this reflected my own profound sense most of my life of being alone.

I would wonder how that could be as there were people around me to be with. Yet I felt alone because some kind of inner sense of connection had been cut off. The "k'nots" had bound me up and separated me from contact with other sentient life. As this was shown to me I also saw that in addition to being isolated by this individually and collectively, the Earth was isolated as well.

In a sense we were a planet "adrift in space" yearning to make contact with other life; the great aloneness here on earth being very heavy for our hearts.

As well as being "adrift" the Earth was also surrounded by a smoky cloud. This in part was due to our "negative" thinking. This particular cloud was created by our language and the "negative" realities we created by our use of "nots". I say "negative" insofar as we use "nots" like this, "Don't run into the street you'll get hurt","I don't want to die","Don't hang up","Don't leave me" and so on. In language sculpting terms this style of communicating is called "common usage of the language".

This common usage of the language is pervasive in our culture. We see that much of life is/has been framed in a negative way. We rarely hear people say "I don't want to have a great holiday" or "I don't want that raise", or "I don't want my children to be healthy/happy".

While the "nots" "k'notted" us up they also "snagged" the words that came after "not". For example, "Don't drink and drive", is often heard as "Drink and drive". The "not" is blipped out in some fashion and the words that follow are heard. And the thoughtform of drinking and driving is pictured. What you wanted to avoid is what is attracted.

As for the "no" word using "no" so often stops something fun (especially for a child) from taking place. "No" blocks the flow. Saying "yes" sounds good, feels good. Saying "zero" leaves things neutral. "Zero" opens the flow by letting other choices be available.

What would we and the world be like if we had heard "yes" lots more and "zero" when appropriate? Just exploring those questions in our body we can each feel for ourselves how much better those words feel than "no" and "don't".

At the time this was all being shown to me "zero" had yet to make its appearance in my vocabulary except in its use as the number. My son Tiger had made his appearance though and I was applying my resolve to help him acquire clear language skills.

When we use clear language to ourselves and others we create clear "thoughtforms". With a child, its ability to follow through on a request is easier and more direct when we say this, "Please remember to brush your teeth" rather than "Don't forget to brush your teeth." I call this shifting of the language, language sculpting. There is a clear picture of remembering to brush the teeth. So easy for a child to follow through.

And this is what my intention was - to communicate in such a way that it would be easy for a child to follow through. As a child wires in language they are also wiring in their bodies. It is apparent that we can help them by our own clarity and awareness of what we are creating with our use of language. In terms of communicating to a new child, using open language, clear picture language helps them be coherent in that their action matches words, matches intention. They are 'wired' for completion.

This way with children we can say to them, "Have a good time bike riding" and we know they know exactly what that means. They will have fun and come back in the same good way they left. So much of this is for the children, so that we can help them create, and grow up in a better way, in a better world than we did. And for the child in us.

By this time Tiger was four and we had lived on Hawai'i for over a year. During that time I heard the neighborhood children saying what sounded like "not" in response to any number of questions. It was like a school kid's answer to things in general. After a while it sounded more like they were saying "nought". Then I realized they were saying "naught".

I was curious about what they were truly communicating so I went to my dictionary. It seems that the "zero" was one meaning of the word "naught". I liked the sound of that better. I thought "Aha! I have found my answer to using "no". I can say "zero" instead." And this is how "zero" came to me.

In the five years since then there have been many explorations about the use of language sculpting and the use of "zero" and "yes". I like to promote the use of "Yes" to what we want or wish for like, "Yes" to a world that lives in harmony. When we say "Yes" it is usually for something yummy. I am known as the mommy who says "Yes". To review this then: "K'nots" knot us up and separate us, "No's" block the flow, "Yes" is what we say to yummy and "Zero" brings us back to the place of the openness and possibilites.

It seems paradoxical to me that this is so, yet when we say "Zero let my wallet be in my pants back home" that somehow that whole statement flies through the "zero" place and the other possible realities for where the wallet might be are available. This is how we get to create new realities with the use of "zero". When we ask the question "I wonder where my wallet is?" that leaves an opening to go to the wallet.

"I don't want another messy divorce" sounds like a message to the universe to send another messy divorce. To be really clear we might say "I want this divorce to be civilized, honouring the great affection that truly exists between us." This kind of shift is called sculpting a new reality. It goes to a higher truth about what is taking place. Life changes, partners change so that we may grow and see ourselves in new ways. In sculpting a new reality in this way we are empowered to see/experience things more consciously. The more light and love we bring to life's experiences, the greater the light and love available for all. So that changing partners is seen as natural, that we have much love to share and experience in many places, is a given. Life moves on as a flow.

Specific neurochemicals are generated when we think, hear or speak words. When words feel good then they stimulate the production of feel good (yummy) neurochemicals. It makes sense that when we say words that generate yummy neurochemicals we feel better. As we feel better then we perceive our life and the world in a better way, which in turn helps us create more yummy neurochemicals which helps us create/perceive a better world view and so on.

Changing our use of language can influence our life profoundly. As it does then our world changes profoundly, experientially and actually. Together even a few committed people can influence the world deeply by using this conscious approach to their language. There is a kind of ripple effect because of the harmonics involved in expressing our higher consciousness intentionally.

This is because everything entrains to the highest frequency - ultimately. The zero point being the intersection of light and love is a very high frequency.

Because the outer world is a reflection of our inner world then by stilling ourselves and going to the zero point we influence the world's state. Going to this zero state resonates with the zero state of what surrounds us as it is a higher, more stable vibration as well as fundamental to all life. It is like this is ground zero, where it all springs from. Love. Light. Coming into manifestation.

The concept of going to a zero state as an intention to bestill myself came to me recently. When something comes up that can fluster or really upset me I tell myself to go to zero. It is like resetting an innate mechanism that restores internal silence, reconnects with the inner unity, and allows me to stay centered in the moment as well as in the center of my being. This center is the interface between my soul and its expression through me in my life, in this world, this moment.

This is what zero feels like - very still. I call this the zero meditation. It is also a stillness meditation. It is really lots of fun because it is magical in how quickly situations can change in the moment as the zero state is reestablished and I feel myself going still.

What is magical is when the situation changes so quickly it does a 180 degree shift because we have reset ourselves to zero. This magic is because this intersection where light and love meet is the present, the eternal now. I see it as the origin, the center, the birthing place of a coordinate system within my self where it seems as though they intersect at (zero,zero).

From this place within myself all things are possible again. I can sculpt the new reality I wish to create. I have full mobility within myself as I have opened the "k'nots" and "no's" to "zeros" or "yesses". The flow and the connection are reestablished. The Great Oneness begins from zero.

When we reset to absolute zero whatever is going on is rolled over. It is a coherent wave/field of consciousness that is like a soliton effect where everywave of it is taken up by the great wave and where it is like the event horizon of the blackhole where everything around is drawn unto itself. This is Light and Love meeting in the moment at the zero place within ourselves as we go into our hearts, into the heart of matter. This makes us quantum beings, beings able to influence matter by being integral parts of matter*mater*matrix*mother.

This is some of what zero means to me.

Love and aloha from Paradise - Sirius Connection 420

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*To my beloved Michael K and the pod at Zero Pictures *


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