You are on a black sand lava beach on the island of Hawai'i, in the Puna district along King Kamehameha's road, called the Red Road.... this night, an ancient Finnish creation saga is recited by a master bard. He speaks for hours of the Paradise the Earth was -- and will be again. A rave/dance party follows, with soft lights, music, dancing, singing, and drumming.

A few miles away, lava fountains, and the newest land on earth is born. The volcano (home of goddess Madame Pele by local tradition) glows red beneath clouds and dancing stars overhead.

Next morning, dolphins come to play, rest, feed, make love. Weeks ago, a baby humpback whale was born here and recently, mother and baby swam through the bay with an honor guard of dolphins.

The Paradise many dream about is right here. Omni Magazine calls it "the last Paradise on earth". Red Road is one of the last natural coastal roads in the world. Stars shine in dark skies, waves crash on lava cliffs, and tree branches entwine overhead, forming a wonderland of vegetation. One would expect at least THIS "last Paradise" could be preserved....

... --- ... S.O.S. ... --- ...

....yet now rare and endangered animals, plants, foods, herbs and rainforest medicines are threatened by Hawai'i Electric Light Company (HELCO - a monopoly) and Hawai'i County's systematic and intentionally short-sighted policies implemented through power, corruption, coercion and violation of our laws.

After 2 1/2 years of court challenges to prevent the Red Road powerline project, all legal restraints blocking Helco have suddenly failed. Even a Federal endangered species case has failed to stop it. Hundreds of beautiful trees are due to be slaughtered starting July 12, 1997. A suburb may follow .... a convenience store over the beach etc. Our current alternate-powered lifestyle in harmony with nature might soon be gone.


A global upwelling of concern will still preserve Paradise. The light of attention and light focused here will change the outcome. Please help us.

We are at our 11th hour. We pray for prompt aid from Omni, its readers, the Net and whoever we can reach in time, on (or off) Planet.

Planetary Paradise Projects

Hawai'i is a planetary treasure visitors travel thousands of miles to experience. Yet more natural Hawai'i is destroyed daily and replaced by what they just left. We have enough infrastructure. We can afford to leave Paradise be.

Will there be ANY Paradise left? ANYWHERE? Will the "last Paradise" fall to the bulldozer before our eyes? Let's begin to preserve and create new Paradises everywhere so we will always have a Paradise.

Wake up!

Ecotourism is big business that Hawai'i State can lead. After all, we already ARE Paradise. Hawai'i Island is perfect for the creation of sustainable, planet-friendly communities and testing products for global use. Since most climate zones of Earth are on-island, whatever works here will work planetwide.

Surprise! Wise Earth-Friendly behavior is profitable....

Maui Tomorrow shows how Hawai'i can "do well by doing good". Co-creative, Net-linked projects uniting Hawai'ians, residents, eco-guests and interested parties can create our sustainable future, bringing Da' Kine (the finest) to this endeavor.

Prosperity and abundance, new knowledge, techniques, and globally sound methods will develop. Success is assured because Hawai'ians, Internet people, Omni readers, all of us, embody great experience and wisdom. I invite Omni to take on such a project. Let's see what committed people can create together. I know we can create wondrously beautiful futures that work for everyone.

Mahalo nui loa.

Michael T. Hyson, Ph.D.

Founding Partner and Research Director
Sirius Institute
Puna, Hawai'i

Dr. Hyson is a founding partner and research director of the Sirius Institute located in Puna, Hawai'i. The Institute researches dolphin/whale communication, dolphin attended birth and space travel and is working toward an alternate powered human/cetacean community and Cetacean Nation Sanctuary and Embassy in Puna.

Please contact us at: foror further details on who you can email, call or write to influence this situation.

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