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Called by the dolphins to enter into a new phase (1984-85), Paradise Newland left her life as a tv and video producer, talk show host, corporate executive, publicist and marketing specialist to explore dolphin accompanied birthing, become a mother and to work more closely with dolphins and cetacea. She incorporated the Sirius Connection 418 in Vancouver (May 1985) to have a framework for her enterprises and dreams involving the dolphins and whales.

To further that she is founding partner of the Sirius Institute, a dolphin/whale communications research consortium (locally resident in Puna, Hawai'i for over 8 years.) Much of her work revolves around what she calls 'relating the dolphin way of being to the human condition', using their social and behavioural interactions as a model of how we can do things. From here she has created projects to involve the 'pod' or community in creating events, projects, longstanding interactions with each other, thereby fostering closer, more intimate and harmonious, creative relationships.

Two of these projects are 1) Camp Paradise - a model on how to home educate our children. using life first! (the whole village) and the environment as well as the uniqueness of each child to tailor their education and life preparation. (Other project descriptions are available upon request)

And, 2) *PlanetPuna* - the Aloha planet - a coconut/cyber domain designed to connect us here (especially children) at a local or 'coconut' level to create things or music or art or local items and skills and then to extend that connection through the www and more to spread our aloha to others. *PlanetPuna* was originally the cyber part of Camp Paradise's education programme. It has since expanded to involve the community at large in creating a local domain as well.

The dolphins have inspired much writing including some articles: 'How to Raise a Dolphin Conscious Child' about her first son, Tiger, who showed her so much and inspired her life's work- (L.A. Whole Life Times), 'Telepathy's Gift' - (Dancing Dolphin Institute Inaugural Newsletter) Considered to be a classic about telepathy and more. See our Sirius Institute website at: and follow the Sirius Institute & the Writings links.

As a pioneer following through on her interest and desire in birthing with dolphins, she gave birth to her second son, John Kehena Newland Lucy at Kehena Beach on August 18, 1992 to the accompaniment of hundreds of dolphins, including one giving birth at the same time. This son currently resides in London with his papa and other mom.

Interests in communications have led her to create a 'meta-technology' called Language Sculpting, important in helping us establish clear communications first with ourselves and then with other life forms, especially Cetacea. See article, 'What Zero Means to Me', also under Writings.

Another of her interests and areas of expertise is psychoneuroimmunology and she has had many successes using dolphin imaging in healing and has studied the 'dolphineffect' of enhanced levels of functioning after dolphin encounters. She recently was involved in the 1st Annual 'Run for the Brain' - La Carrera, on Oahu which she helped inspire. Her partner, Dr. Michael Hyson designed a Dolphin Assisted Brain Trauma Healing Project to help treat brain injuries.

As part of her community work she is currently publicist for: Lola, Tocaloma & Jewel Gallery, JoMama's Cafe & JoMama's West and the Millennium Event at the Akebono Theatre. Her For Fun! Productions (A virtual production company ) recently produced the 'Remember, remember the fifth of November ...' A Guy Fawkes Day Proper Tea Party as the Premiere Gala Affair at JoMama's West. She is also on the board of Na Po'e Hoa 'Aina - The Keepers of the Land. She recently hosted and did the commentary for the Intergalactic Funk Fashion Show.

Friends and colleagues in the dolphin world include: Dr. John Lilly, Estelle Myers, Dr. Michel Odent, Dr. Gowri Motha, Dr. Michael Hyson, Tim Wyllie, Roberta Quist Goodman, Jim Loomis, Nixy, Phillip Bailey, Terry Walker, Napier Marten, Michael Bailey, Ralph Blum, and the late esteemed Toni Lilly and Carolina Ely and many others.

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Paradise Newland


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