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Yeaaa!!! We did it. The Sirius Connection has been about following my heart as I am now, tears of joy streaming down my face as I put these words down welcoming you all to our Home Page. And still they come for I am so happy to be able to sit here in Puna, Hawai'i, working on my podner Mike Hyson's computer as we put the finishing touches on this for our premiere engagement tonight at JoMama's coffee house.

We introduce to the community this evening the idea of *PlanetPuna* - the Aloha Planet, our local style internet cafe scene. Ohana style as the Hawai'ians call it. It has taken all this 'time', so much of our attention to put this website together. We have lived so much in order to be able to dream so big. We invite you to dream so big with us.

*PlanetPuna* is for fun! As we come together to share in the 'new' technologies we can draw us to each other, close enough to find out how we are connected, what we have in common, what can we pass on. *PlanetPuna* is a state of consciousness - it is about what we wish to be for ourselves/what we are and what we wish to share/gift to the rest of the world. And beyond.

In order to be here in Puna, especially, it seems that one is to let go the idea of 'making' it in those old kinds of terms. It is challenging to prosper here for most folks, if one goes by older values. Yet, one can be as sovereign in one's own life and affairs as anywhere. We live a very rich style of life - some might call it paradisal. Being here is about restoring ourselves to our natural state, paradise. Our life is rich in love, in aloha, good feelings and more. We live with an ease here that has to do with being in the flow, or being the flow.

My first son, Tiger shows/ed me so much about the flow. Truly, my life's work with the Sirius Connection 420 was inspired by his arrival. When I was forty. After I met Joe and Rosie and started the Sirius Connection it had a lot to do with restoring my natural state of connectedness, trust, openness, delight, all those neat things. My grownup part had forgotten much of this and so the dolphins helped me reconnect (see Telepathy's Gift) and Tiger helped me remember the natural/dolphin child (How to Raise a Dolphin Conscious Child).

And here, where the newest land on Earth is created, we sit at Madame Pele's womb and watch in wonder as everything changes. A lot. What being here these last six plus years (see Eclipse report for Bix) has shown us is that it seems this new land wishes to be touched in a different way by the people.

And that brings us to here - now. And *PlanetPuna*. A local, coconut telegraph hands-on experience as well as an Internet presence that reaches out and brings our local style aloha to the world.

In my meditations this area feels like it is the 'New World', off at the edge of the galaxy, or at the center of the event horizon, from the 'other' side of the black hole. The wave of consciousness that leads the way. And yet, we are one of many lead edges everywhere because it is all fractal, 'as above, so below'.

What happens here, touches all, and that is why Mike's piece about "Preserving Paradise" is so important. My name, Paradise started to come to me while we were still in California. I wondered aloud what happened to Paradise, how did we so thoroughly lose our 'natural' state?

Over the years many answers have come to me, a lot of them about the Sirius Connection 420 and what happens when I/we follow our hearts. And then, my new name was realized as I gave birth to my second son, John Kehena at the beach for which he is named. As dolphins swam joyfully and gave birth to one of their own, I was surely blessed to have followed my heart, my dream, this far. We can all follow our dreams this far.

First, I had to rediscover and be willing to bare open my heart again. Like so many of us did. I had to be willing to dream, to go for it with all my heart and soul. I had to let go again and again so much that was precious. And I know that the more we let go the more we get to create.

So, we sit here at the edge of a new world, creating from our hearts our hearts' dreams and I invite you/us all to remember the dream, to follow our hearts and go for it.

Mahalo nui loa to all those angels/dolphins along the way, over the great flow who have been part of our adventure - to my children, podners, honeys, kin circle and the great pod.

A big thanks to JoMama's Pete for gifting us the use of the space and Hopi and others who help out on Thursdays; to Raven and his mom's recipes for yummy treats. We give thanks to Dan Smith and the folks of GTE in Texas and Hawai'i who gifted our *PlanetPuna* project with significant dollars to further this vision. 

An especial Mahalo to my honey Jack for being there for me so much and being so much Fun!; for my partner Mike, who is going to the stars and packed up our gear every Thursday evening for our exciting, live *PlanetPuna* nights and patiently shares his phenomenal knowledge with the Puna pod and Tiger; for Tiger, who inspired this project and so much of my life, and his friends who join us and keep him company. 

And to Sativa for her help in so many different ways; for RJ, Dogon sister, who brought the Big Island Women's Gathering to *PlanetPuna* to cyber Host and more. To the great Moon Whale; to Turtle Lover/ Etoile Tortue; To Kehena - mummy loves you lots. You too lucy and Judy.  And mahalo beloved Sirius.

And we all lived happily ever after.


Aloha from Paradise

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