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When I was about 12 years old, Mrs. Bruch in Winnebago, Illinois, gave me a book of stories by the physicist Leo Szilard called the Voice of the Dolphin and Other Stories.   Szilard and Lilly once talked extensively about the dolphins and interspecies communication.   The Voice of the Dolphin is Szilard's projection of what might happen when dolphin/human communication is established.

In the story, the "Vienna Institute" scientists crack the communication problem when they find the dolphins love Zel's Liver Paste.   In a short order, major scientific papers are published by the humans and the dolphins together that win Nobel prizes; and the world changes.   Nuclear tensions and geopolitical situations improve; hunger and population increases are solved by
Amrus, a nutritious food which also lowers birth rates, and so on.

Later, Paradise Newland showed me the design for the Sirius Institute and said she modelled it on the Szilard story. When I re-read the story, I was surprised I remembered so much of it, and found that the Vienna Institute was my subconscious model for the Sirius Institute as well.  It is in this spirit that we present our early newsletters.
The most recent issue concerns current Navy & Nato testing of a high power sonar call LFAS (Low Frequency Active Sonar). Navy testing of the LFAS in the Bahamas may have caused 14 whales to strand, and reportedly, 8 died. So, sadly, my predictions, as presented in the newest "Voice of the Dolphin" are being confirmed.
I pray that these essays effect policies of our governments in a way similar to those published by the fictional Vienna Institute, and that the whales and dolphins will be better treated in our future.
Thank you, Leo Szilard, for your inspiration.

So welcome to the VOICE OF THE DOLPHIN.
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A hui ho,
Michael T. Hyson, Ph.D.

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