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Telepathy's Gift

Paradise Newland


To share with you about telepathy is to open up a very deep part of myself for it is about my journey of coming home.

Imagine as I (we all?) did the feeling of being alone on this world, away from my (our) own kind, wondering what happened to a life that held so much promise yet was sad, hearing stories about how the universe was a random place and that we were most likely to be alone in all the vastness of creation. And that God was outside of me.

Somehow I had accepted the illusion of separation. I bought it, felt it, lived it and wondered what was hurting so much. I felt very cut off from other life, my own life and vitality. And on it went.

Years later, in retrospect I realize what a gift the first telepathic contact was for me. It changed my life forever. I was at a marine park in Florida and after my first show watching the dolphins perform, went over to watch them in their pens - to get close to them for the first time in this life. My heart was so excited to see the dolphins. Little did I realize then how much my life would change because of them, how much joy I would finally come to know through them, how the world would be changed because of who they are to me/us and I to them.

Then, much to my delight and amazement, one of them picked up a ball and threw it to me to play catch with it. I did and on and on the game went and other dolphins joined in. I was so excited for somewhere I knew the dolphin knew me, remembered me, reached in and touched me and reminded me that we are in this together. And Somewhere deep inside I could finally breathe. I had been touched. Somehow this day, this group of dolphins reached into my aloneness, found me and brought me back home with them. Where I was one with many/ all.

In this way is how I wish to share with you about telepathy, what it means to us as individuals, as pod, as group consciousness, as cosmic consciousness.

Connectivity and telepathy work because of each other, or through each other. Why I was so touched through my dolphin interaction is because I was touched inside, in my heart. I felt the intention that this invitation to play ball was for me. That they knew who I was. I felt clearly connected to them. My whole being was in a state of delight to finally meet these wonderful ones who would awaken me and inspire me to go on and co*create a beautiful new world with all of us.

As I write this piece, every so often tears come as I am reminded of how thankful I am for telepathy, for connectivity. For through this I came to know that we are all one, that love calls us to be together in this time/space for the birth of a new world, created in love with our kin, dolphins and whales and all life really. And, the use of telepathy and the awareness of connectivty enables us all to facilitate this transition we are undertaking.

Telepathy can be finely focused as in picking up/sending one thought through to wide range picking up fields of consciousness. It is a continuum which includes telempathy (receiving feelings/sending feelings). And it extends to cosmic consciousness where it interacts with all of creation. Because we are all connected what we experience, think, feel, know is part of everything. We influence everything because we are part of everything. When we think loving thoughts, feel loving feelings we are touching all of creation with love.

When we have our intention to send love to a specific person or situation we are using telepathy to reach in and touch deeply, to bring other home with us. It works because of connectivity. Love is the superconductor that delivers this energy (love) to its destination. The more love we feel the more effective our intention. It is easy and natural to influence change from the inside in this way.

We can also send specific thoughts to another or others as well as receive them. Telepathy is used in 'mundane' ways as in "Please remember to call home," the mother might send the thought to her child. Or "Add applesauce to the shopping list," can be sent telepathically. It is a truly practical gift when used in ways like this.

Then, there is how different the world is when you know other people know what you are truly thinking/feeling. Reality check, big time. It encourages a quality of self awareness to know that we are known, that our thoughts emmanate from us, as do our feelings. That we can be read like a book. Then, we get to choose what kind of book we will be for others to enjoy.

When I looked out into the world and saw 'what was going on' I used to feel dismay, concern, anxiety at the masses and the very far distance 'they' (us) seemed to be from the Light, from being home, at*one. Then, one day the realization that we are all connected and harmonically related to each other. And so what was my enlightenment was part of the whole and each of us were adding our enlightenment to the whole and it was 'illuminating' (enlightening from within) by leaps and bounds. Another level of being able to breathe deeply. Everything was on course.

I could be certain that every thought /feeling of love was reaching everything else and activating it. I became more intentional with my thoughts through telepathy to touch in a good way. This has much to do with empowerment. Because it zero matters who "they" are, what "they" are doing or planning to do. What matters is us, as conscious co-creators. All*That*Is is looking to us to take the lead, to show a new way. All else follows suit. What are we creating out of our love and good intentions? Because we wish to live in a harmonious way, we can add our harmony to all and see the fruits of our intention and love made real.

When the dolphins came to me that memorable day, I had forgotten all of this. They knew it and could remind me as they did. Many times after that I had dolphin telepathic experiences. They would show up in moments of great darkness, a lone one, peeking up for a moment to remind me of their presence, to encourage me to keep going. Or they would send me information about changes that were coming, personally, globally and beyond. Once, one showed up to thank me for passing up a dolphin fish (mahimahi) dinner the night before. I remember being in wonder about how it 'knew' what had happened the night before and yet accepting it as perfectly natural.

I was so happy to be reunited with the dolphins each time I saw them. Each time we connected we passed information. For, telepathy is a two*way (multi) street and it took a while to realize that they were receiving from me as well. I was also touching them. They got to experience life as an awakening human through my eyes, my heart, my body, my tears. Through this came the real understanding that we were connecting wherever I/they were.

Now what I see is that we share fields of consciousness - through my desire and intention and love, I am an open book to them as they are increasingly to me. As I remain centered in my heart I can send and receive data, information, impart feelings, sensations, perceptions and on. We share worlds in this way as we do with whatever life forms we interact with.

Telepathy meditations are fun to explore. Some favourites are: Wishing good things to happen for everyone (especially those who were angry and hurtful) so that everyone could have a shared experience of a good feeling. We can tune in and feel what it feels like when everything around us feels good. We can put the good feeling wherever we go. Wherever we send it. It can seem to take 'time' for this good feeling to be everywhere. However, our desire, love, and intention all facilitate it for the whole. You see, this is how we can re*create the world together.

We can play the "I wonder" game where we wonder what it would be like if all the children were loved and cared for. Or, I wonder what a world living in harmony feels like. We send out the question and it generates a field experience of the answer. I wonder what this place would look like if it were a human dolphin habitat? Thoughts link up /find/are connected to/drawn to like thoughts. People gathered in one place at one time whether it be two individuals or the people in your apartment building to everyone alive today have a reason for being together. People of like thought are drawn together to create that thoughtform, to create that reality.

When we think of a beautiful world, a paradise, and wonder how that looks, feels and flows, telepathy carries that thought out. Connectivity connects us to that part of all of us that shares that thought and together we answer the question. We create the world we wish to live in.

Telepathy is a very extensive area. Its implications for us are deep and profound. There are principles involved that empower us to act consciously for the highest and best outcome for all. Because we remember that we are all connected it is important to think well of ourselves and others, to put out goodthoughts/feelings especially where there is hurt involved. And, that we find a way to see the light in the darkest of situations so that others might access the illumination that was brought through out of our love.


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