The Sirius Connection 420
Never go anywhere without a porpoise   -  Lewis Carroll
Always go everywhere with a porpoise   - Paradise Newland


The Sirius Connection is a corporation created to develop closer and more meaningful connections between people and dolphins. Its name derives from historical research that links Sirius, the Dog Star, with the dolphins and, as some think, may be the actual original home of the dolphins.

It is now time for the next leap in dolphin-human interaction - time for the human to meet the dolphin with our finest. To do this requires input from all facets of our world, from scientific research to understanding our historic connections to the dolphins and whales. We are making toys, musical instruments, communications devices, all useable on land or sea by both humans and dolphins. We are now proceeding with the development of human-dolphin co-creative habitats; rich, playful environments where children and adults can interact with free dolphins. Come play with us and together create philadelphia (brotherly love, love of dolphins). This is the beginning of what we call the Dolphinization of the Planet.

We are developing knowledge, products, experiential situations for human-dolphin co-creative living. The facilities that arise will be joyous and bring free dolphins to us. The Sirius Connection is an organization that will provide people with experiences of dolphins, educate people about dolphins and develop dolphin musical instruments, human-dolphin habitats and dolphin playlands.

We invite ideas, concepts and inspiration from all. We will happily enter into partnership with all individuals/groups with similar goals. The network thus formed will move our evolving human-dolphin/cetacean culture rapidly ahead by providing a central focus for many diverse efforts now globally underway. By sharing recent developments much more can be done. We feel that the Sirius Connection is a comprehensive and coherent embodiment of the next steps to be accomplished in dolphin-human interactions and relations.

The Sirius Connection 420 's first subsidiary is the Sirius Institute

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