The Humanization

of Space

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A major goal of the Sirius Insititute is to Humanize Space. We feel that a great diaspora has begun, and with improving technology and greater awareness of our place in the solar system and the galaxy, we are becoming a space-faring species. With recent developments in private space ventures and the decreased control by various monopolies, we now have an opportunity as individuals to go to orbit and beyond in our lifetime, perhaps starting in 5 years or less.

The benefits of this adventure and enterprise will include a new viewpoint that sees the Earth as a precious abode of life, the only one in millions of miles that we know of, with liquid water and warm climate.

Going to live in space will open up myriad possiblilities, new life-styles, ways to help the earth, and vast new knowledge. We will soon be a species capable of faring at will and whim throughout our solar system and beyond. This is the one material step that will insure the survival of our species and those that come with us, for a time after the death of our sun.

As the rocket pioneer Constantine Tsilofsky said " Earth is the cradle of Mankind, but Mankind cannot stay in the cradle forever".  We are alive at a time when we are learning to live in space, and to begin a diaspora of the humans, cetacea and all Earth life into our back yard -- the solar system and galaxy.

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