Harmony in Paradise

By: Paradise Newland

Snapshot: Buck and I sitting nude at Kehena Beach surrounded by black sand, coconut trees, beautiful waves, blue skies, lava cliffs sheltering this piece of paradise.

We avidly discuss this article about what? Love? Sexual preferences, connectedness? Balance? All the above and more we decide. I am heartened by his enthusiasm and willingness to turn the piece over to Source. I like this man - we think a lot alike about spirit.

We are as different as one can imagine at a surface level and yet we have so much in common. We share a strong sense of community creation and the value and importance of rainbow bridging from each mindset to each other mindset. Focus more on what we are/have in common, find the unity, we agree. As we get to know each other more deeply during the course of doing this I see that yet again Goddess/God has yet another learning for me, another opening in my/our awareness. I am honoured to be able to write this piece and bring this perspective to you,the brothers and sisters.

Earlier in the week we discuss various aspects of the 'queer' tradition, its value and importance throughout times in the spiritual life of aboriginal peoples;the high number of gifted individuals throughout the arts, sciences and more.

We go into the special relationship Hawai'i has towards same sex marriages through the aikane tradition. Later I have an 'Aha' experience as two of my aikane friends show up in my meditation and they are showing me that in their role as aikane they stand in the center between their relating to both men and women. They complexly maintain a delicate balance in order to partner to one or the other. I

must say my friends were so natural in their ways that it was the longest time before I realized what was going on.

When I asked Kalei, one of these aikane about my meditation and what happened she said that I was correct,that their way is the way of the feminine. From here she talks story with me about Madame

Pele and her new baby, Loihi,that God created for her and how she is so happy as she suckles her baby with her lava. What a beautiful truth I feel as she describes how she is also breathing, giving foundation to this new world, strengthening how the baby grows. This is part of the balance, the deep earth born wisdom of the feminine.

She tells me that Hawai'i means love. All the islands' names mean love. This newest baby is the new world,the new land she says. We get to put new ideas, new creations, new creatures on this new land. I am moved to tears as she brings to life the mother we are all part of. She says love is real. I can feel it too. Let us love one another we agree.

Part of this loving is in getting to know Buck better, which has shown me that he cares deeply about community at a local and global level. He speaks of recognizing the community that is already inherent. As he points out the queers are the one population sample that appears everywhere, all socioeconomic levels, in all religions, professions,locations, and that it is ultimately a unifying field.

What does that mean? And from there we go to ...

Dolphins and Sex - Well, as a dolphin researcher I have come to know different things about natural behaviours and relating to how we are designed to function optimally.

This is about balance. For the longest time left handed people were considered to be queer as well. Truth is that folks who access through the right brain/left hand like that, are connected more fully

with the 'feminine' part of themselves, the more 'whole' part if you will. This is because of the more diffuse sense of connectedness. And really, as the dolphins showed me, reminded me so long ago ...

we are all connected.

Many queer practices would be considered natural, simply part of dolphin life along with loving as part of life. From birth on, dolphins are close with each other, they touch a lot, they play a lot in

intimate ways. Everyone is included because the joy of touch is essential to life. The old, the young, the girls with girls, the boys with boys and girls, threesomes and all manner of delight. Mother and child, father and child. For them it is much about delight and aliveness.

Oh, you might say, but we are humans. WE create barriers that wall us off from ourselves, one another and creator too. That was then, this is NOW. Let us consider that we could create global harmony, the harmony that surpasseth all harmony, within ourselves, by expressing balance. We simply love each other and spread this love throughout the world, brother to brother to sister to sister to brother. This is how the dolphins (and whales too) contribute to our planetary harmony. They love one another. We call this the yummy field.

This is your invitation to consciously be part of this rainbow bridging. Let us use our queerness to unify the planet to balance for this equinox time and beyond. Let us simply love one another, let us embrace the inherent balance and unity within.

Mahalo to Buck and Outspoken and Kalei, Ron, Dylan, Jeff, Patrick and Rusty and for their aloha in creating this piece. And, JoMama's.

Mahalo nui loa from Paradise.



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