November 30, 2004



We invite you to join us on an adventure that will change your view of life, of consciousness, and of what is possible. We are establishing full communication with the ancient, intelligent cetacea, and are going on to live in space with free access to our solar system and beyond. We have the knowledge and means to create a loving, abundant and free way of life for ourselves and our children.

And it is happening Now.

The Sirius Institute is a tax-exempt research and development partnership creating the "Dolphinization of the Planet" and the "Humanization of Space".

"Dolphinization" is raising the level of human consciousness to that of the dolphins and integrating the consciousness of the dolphins and other cetacea with human consciousness. The dolphins and other cetacea are intelligent, loving beings that have much to show us. The benefits of merging our two worlds range from creating harmonious societies, to profound insights into the nature of all consciousness, to creating sound and intelligent children.

The "Humanization of Space" is taking the best of human experience, culture and consciousness into space, our next home. Learning to live in space expands our consciousness to encompass both earth and the spaces around us as our backyard. We are helping to develop the best means of space access and life support so that we can fare at will and whim throughout the solar system and beyond. We are on the verge of a major change in the sources of energy and means of propulsion needed to achieve this goal. Space access for all will revolutionize the way we see the Earth, create abundance, and open a new home for humans and cetacea, and spread humanity and all Earth's life into the rest of the Universe.

Of all the goals I can imagine, these fire the imagination. We can speak to and live with beings with a society of immense antiquity and whose love for humans has been sung in story for centuries - the dolphins.

Dolphins were so revered by the ancient Greeks that their most sacred temple was dedicated to them - the oracle at Delphi - "dolphin". In ancient Greek, the root meaning of dolphin is "the womb of all".

What treasures of knowledge await us? The benefits to all of us will be immense. Of all the things we may learn, I feel at this juncture, the most important may be the spur the dolphins can give us all toward - love, harmony, playfulness and an appreciation for this marvelous Universe.

Our adventure is creating new research, knowledge, inventions and products that will transform many areas of our society and revolutionize how we see ourselves and how we will live on and off the planet.

And the second goal, humanizing space, to give us the liberty of the solar system and plant our feet firmly on the path to the stars - is the one material step among many possible that will ensure the survival of our kind even beyond the death of our sun. The great diaspora has begun. We can achieve the solar system and beyond!

The benefits of both these enterprises are obvious and multiple. We will learn from the cetacea true knowledge of our origin and history and forge an alliance with the largest minds on Earth. By emulating the cetacea we can have harmonious societies and happy children. By learning their ways of healing, we can restore those ill in body and heart. We will have harmonious music and co-species art leading to a rich multi-species culture. We will have telepathy and provable communication with beings that love us. This will end the "great loneliness" spoken of by Loren Eisley. Or begin "The Great Oneness", as Paradise would say.

Along with access to the solar system, we will see the end of the era of fossil fuels, an end to the age of wheels, and abundant energy and a rich life for all. Let the dolphins and the humans go to space together, bringing the finest of our integrated consciousness and cultures. We will have the stars and a loving companion species with which to share them -- Most certainly a grand and excellent adventure.

Let it be so.

Singing Swimming Man Calls the Dawn
(aka Michael T. Hyson, Ph.D.)

Kehena, Puna, Hawai'i       

November 23, 1994    (Updated February 26, 1998. November 30, 2004)


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