We hereby give thanks to all the angels & dolphins, the multitudes of Angels and Dolphins, who came to us in the moment, ever providing for the moment.

Paradise Newland


As in all acknowledgements, the list , however long, is less than complete.

One can thank everyone, including their grandfathers, grandmothers, the Universe for providing the Earth and on. (and we do). In the moment, I would like to warmly acknowledge those below, and more will be added soon. To everyone who supported us along the way, loved us through it all, my sincere, grateful thanks. Some among these are:

The Dolphins Pete, Mitzi, Hugo the Orca, Florida, Liberty, Dreamer and the dolphins of Hawai'I, the dolphins of the Waikaloa, whose sounds were recorded by Tony Selvage and yielded "Dolphin Valentine"; the spinners off our coasts; the dolphins who assisted my initiation in the Pacific the night before the July 11, 1991 eclipse; to those who shared a birth with us, to the Humpbacks we recorded and presented recently with a sound to MIDI converter;

John C. Lilly, who started me on my path with Man and Dolphin and Hank Truby who taught me so much I surely miss you, Hank.

And to Paradise Newland, who originated the Sirius Institute and initiated so many adventures like giving birth on a black-sand beach with some 300 dolphins off the beach... thank you for your courage, strength, love, and steadfast dedication through it all. For those of us who will be living closely with dolphins and whales, you are a pioneer.

To my Mom, who has been supportive through a set of chaotic transitions; to all the Podners, to those in Puna, that have helped and shared our life, this is a wonderful and rich part of the Earth that I love a lot.

To Dallas, Godfather to Tiger, and the Sirius Institute; Doug; who aided this work along the way, sometimes at crucial moments, and shared in many epiphanies in Key West; to Jim, who helped us get to Hawai'I and begin the Song Swimmer work, to Frank Bollinger who had the brilliant insight on how to easily convery sounds to MIDI, Buzz; who will recognize my debt to him; to John Gibbon, Charles Lucy, and lots of musical teachers, to especially Adrian, a good man to have at your back; to Donald who gave so much; Jack who does so much to support our lives, and to TuTu, and her land, for providing such a glorious central location for the center of the Cetacean Nation and so many others..... and to Tiger, who has had such great patience with us, slow adults, and taught me about children and how precious they are. May he have a better world.

I wish you all great enjoyment of the story told here. It is glorious and intense to live, a "grand and excellent" adventure.

Michael Hyson

Puna, Hawai"I April 30, 2000

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