April 22, 2005

The Whales Sing to the Stars
An Earth Day Event - April 22, 2005
presented by:

The Cetacean Commonwealth
with the cooperation of:

Sirius Institute, *PlanetPuna*
Whalesong.net, Deep Space Communications Network

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DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral

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the Dolphinization of the Planet

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Dedicated to the creation of
human/dolphin co-creative habitats
where dolphins and people can
learn from each other
through music, underwater birth,
dolphin sound healing and restoration

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Paradise Newland's Birthing Experience

The Voice of the Dolphin Celebrates
...The 19thAnniversary of the Sirius Connection

May 22, 2004

Human Birthing and Free Dolphins




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John C. Lilly, M.D
Jan 06, 1915 - Sep 30, 2001

Gilding the Lilly

a Conference honoring
Dr. John C. Lilly

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The Run for the Brain


Patsy T. Mink on LFAS

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