The "Safe Baby Resolution"
will be presented at the:


Invitation & Vision
13th International Congress of APPPAH
Los Angeles, February 21-26, 2007

"Birth and the Human Family:
Embracing the Power of Prenatal Life"


Lou Janel Martin will speak and present:

The Safe Baby Resolution by Star Newland and Lou Janel Martin, is now Senate Concurrent Resolution 8 making its way through the Hawaii State Senate and House.

     The measure asks the Legislature to study the early period of conception through infancy as the foundational time for health, wellness, and harmony as well as the origin of a myriad of social and physical concerns of society.

     The resolution seeks to make gestation and birth gentle, drug-free, and safe for mothers and babies as well as for medical caregivers and society--all parties working together in partnership.

     See full text at:

Please support this resolution.


     ~From Congress Chairperson Laura Uplinger~

     The power of giving birth to civilizations is the very power nature has assigned to pregnant women. During pregnancy a mother gives of her own substance for the formation of her child's organs and psyche. This child will one day walk the Earth expressing peace, wisdom and generosity, or indifference, rage and fear.

     What can all of us--fathers, families, communities, nations--do to support, empower and inspire each and every mother in her monumental endeavor of forming in her womb a healthy baby, a future adult who will be centered, intelligent, caring and creative?

     Birth and the Human Family will convene experts from fields such as education, arts and culture, psychiatry, media, parks and recreation, architecture, politics, science, legislation, health care, agriculture--professionals who are translating into action their awareness of the fundamental relevance of pregnancy for the future of humanity. They will share their vision, expertise and experience with us.

     Prenatal Universe

     Ancient wisdom, transpersonal psychology and cutting edge biology, invite us to revise the way we understand the importance of the gestation of a human being.

     When a couple embraces the adventure of parenting even before physically conceiving their children, they step into a powerful dimension of their inner life. Prebirth parenting sets the stage for a myriad of possibilities and conscious choices that will nurture the inner strength of parents and their children throughout many, many years.

     Pregnant women give of their own substance for the formation of their children’s organs, and psyche. The physical and mental health of an adult is deeply rooted in his or her womb life.

     It is up to societies around the world and their public authorities, to foster the well-being of expecting mothers, so that they feel empowered and inspired to weave a luminous, caring and healthy humanity for planet Earth. Nature has endowed mothers with the gigantic task of birthing civilizations...

     Most of the problems we face today can be traced to our conception and our formation in the womb...

    ...from immune system disorders to terrorism; from committing suicide to devising weapons of mass destruction; from child abuse to political corruption, and from alcoholism to trashing the environment; we are somehow dealing with a lack of self love or a lack of love for others.

     Brain science and state of the art cell biology confirm the findings of transpersonal psychology as well as sacred teachings of long ago:

     What we experience during prenatal life deeply influences our life choices and the way we live.

     Very early in our mother’s womb we learn that we are worth being loved or not, and if life is worthwhile or not… Throughout life we present a mighty tendency to “honor” the lessons we have received in utero.

      Pregnancy is thus one of the most crucial stages of parenting and also one of the most neglected ones for the last millennia. It is about time we explore the fecund universe of prebirth parenting.

The congress will take place at the:

Hilton Hotel LAX

(Conveniently located near Los Angeles Int. Airport, with 24-hour free shuttle transportation, and offering complimentary trolley service to and from cozy nearby Manhattan Beach)

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