A Tribute to Papa K Kepilino

[For us at Sirius Institute and *PlanetPuna*, Papa-K was an inspiration, especially with his knowledge of the indigenous Hawaiian practice of underwater births attended by dolphins. Mahalo nui loa for being our friend and mentor.]


Sylvester Keiliwaliu Kamaka Iki Alii Pa'akaula Kamoa Kamoa Kepilino "Papa K" April 8, 1929- August 26, 2008


   Papa K was a man from another time.  A time when the 'aina sustained the people, when the neighbors spoke Hawaiian, and the taro fields had to be cared for everyday.  He loved that time of connection when people stove for balance between the land, body and spirit. He wanted to share that great connectedness with others.  People met him and were drawn to him.  His smiling eyes, his amazing hands but mostly his tremendous heart endeared him to many. 
     He also knew there was a new time dawning.  He was part of that dawning.  He knew it was time for the wisdom of old Hawaii to be shared with the world.  He knew the world was ready for a new consciousness that would spring from the old consciousness of Hawaii, a consciousness based on Aloha, connection to Akua and respect for the land. He believed in the probability of a time of cooperation, generosity and a more profound connection to something greater than this world.  He knew that time was coming. For that reason he co-founded 'Aina me Kalani, a foundation to perpetuate the beautiful spiritual gifts of Hawai'i and share them with the world. 

     He was no saint.  In fact he was a rascal of a man, but within that rascal was a man who knew how to love unconditionally and forgive completely.  And he did.  You never had to prove yourself worthy of his love, you were loved.  And if you messed up you were forgiven before you even thought about asking for forgiveness.  He had great gifts.

     He was also one of the masters of lomi lomi.  His touch was gentle and his style was intuitive.  He said he opened himself to a greater energy and then the body showed him where to go, the fingers reading as they touched.   His style was not based on technique as much as on opening himself to the guidance of spirit.
     Papa K loved people.  He loved to make them laugh.  He loved to help them see their own hearts.  And many people loved him in return.  It is that love that sustained him for so long when doctors had predicted for decades that he would die within months. Well, love and his own mana which was amazing.  There are stories upon stories of Papa defying the odds to live another day, or year or decade. 

     He loved Hawaii.  He was Hawaii and he carried her pain within his body.  He fought to help the people. He fought to see Hawaii sovereign again.  He believed that Hawaii was the heart of the world and that the islands would show the world how to heal itself.

     He had a lot to carry in this world.  He carried it with love and generosity. He began each day anew.

    He will be sorely missed.

There will be a celebration of his life at the
Community of Christ Church
1842 Kinoole St. in Hilo

27th of September at 2 PM for his family and friends.