Press Release April 16, 2002
For immediate release

'Out of the Jungles of Puna for Mother's Day'
Jungle Nudes in all mediums

Something special for Mother's Day Inspired by the Island Mother of Us All Goddess of the Volcano

Come see this unique collection celebrating the essence of the Mother - the bare feminine form in all her glory.

Lola, Tocaloma & Jewel

ART Show May 12, 2002

from 2pm to pau

18 Furneaux Lane Hilo, Hawai'i -

Near Bayfront ...

Created by several artists of Lower Puna's new Art Scene, joined by Puna favorites Ann Rathbun, Bob Rathbun and Jon Rathbun.

Bob and Ann's participation in the weekly drawing sessions of artists in the wild resulted in their paintings shown here. They love to work with pastel's pure pigments and paint together exploring this new medium.

Jon Rathbun captures particles of light from the Sun as they flow through him to express through his art - combining the beauty of the Hawaiian landscape and his models.

A childhood recognition of herself as an artist inspired a lifetime study of art from the East Coast to here for Julie Melko , mother, member of the group whose taste for living on the edge, creating from life refers to itself

' ... as a feral herd of artists who have their habitat on the red road of puna'.

Transitioning from California to O'ahu to Puna Cricket Lawson sees art as a way to express the mystery of life. To follow this she recently left school to take her art education into her own hands. She likes to explore different mediums.

Shaina Lawson grew up on the island of Oahu and in the mountains of Southern California. Now, in the jungles of Puna she finds the inspiration to share her unique perspective through pencil drawings, water color paints and recently, arylics.

Also featuring Jaya Dupuis, deeply influenced by a dozen years close to the aina, balancing through movement, music, art, including sculpture, the ocean, the feminine form and bringing harmony.

Join us for this Mother's Day 2002 Art Show

For information call: Lola at 808 933 1331,




Music by Alex Green ... And refreshments

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