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- A Harmonic Convergence -

Another rare and intimate afternoon with the Rowan Brothers as they play their hearts out for this first fundraiser for Domestic HarmonyAwareness.

The Rowan Brothers with guest steel guitarist, Barry Sless will be generating more than their unique harmonies for the crowd at:

Uncle Mikey's Lanai Room
Sunday, February 25, 2007
4 to 8pm.

- they will be generating funds for Domestic Harmony Awareness in its first fundraising event.

The renowned Rowan Brothers, Lorin - vocals, guitar, mandolin and Chris - vocals and guitar will be helping raise awareness and funds for domestic harmony while performing many songs from their latest album, Now and Then, a review of their 30 + year career, featuring 17 new songs along with 17 earlier pieces and more recent works.

Between them they bring over 45 years performing their unique sounds of blue grass flavored folk, and Everly Brothers style rock and country. They are a big crowd pleaser.

In a collaboration between Lola's Boutique and *PlanetPuna* the Aloha Planet this event will be podcast through the auspices of Cosmic Wave Radio and can be heard at:

*PlanetPuna* organizes and produces domestic harmony awareness events throughout East Hawaii, and has collaborated on many events with Lola's Boutique. A portion of the funds from the concert will go towards continuing to provide free 'Just Say Yes toDomestic Harmony' bumper stickers around the island and beyond as well as neon green ribbons, part of the 'Wearing of the Green' campaign.

Opening for the Rowan Brothers are the mandolin group, Walking Fish, featuring Steve Shartner on mandolin and 12 string guitar, Rick Shutte, mandolin and Chelley Edwards, vocals.

Tickets $20 advance/ $25 @door.

For more information/tickets call:

Lola at Lola's Boutique, Pahoa - 965 1818
Star Newland *PlanetPuna* - 965 9667

or Email -