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Lola, Tocaloma & Jewel Gallery
Pahoa, Hawai'i
Main Street
Old Pahoa Town

Pahoa, Hawai'i 96778

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Press Release
April 22, 1998

Our Gift to you for Mother's Day -
Lola, Tocaloma & Jewel Gallery invites you in May to a unique art encounter.

Come and experience the art and diverse styles of some of Puna's most accomplished woman artists. At this premiere show of the Gallery's spring series, Laura (the "Lola" of Lola,Tocaloma & Jewel) Diederich and partner Michael Abedin bring to you an eclectic mixture of styles and mediums, just a small glimmer of some of the fine art of Pele land.

Join us as we start our Puna art adventure moving through the flowing watercolours of Diane Renchler. Her languid yet dynamic nature scenes bring to life some of the areas' diverse beauty from soft rainforest to stormy waves on the black lava shore. Her art comes to Lola, Tocaloma & Jewel from her recent show at Centre Stage Gallery, East Hawai'i Cultural Centre.  (To see samples of her Artwork  click here  )
To Moonstar Rae, 'Nature' is the Beloved, and this sensitivity is reflected in her vibrantly coloured acrylic nature scenes, including paintings of flowers, shells, oceans, sunsets and more.  Her longstanding residency on Hawai'i can be sensed in her intimate portrayal of her beauty.

Sara Steiner-Jackson brings to life her sensitivity and appreciation of the local landscapes as she fulfills her " ... fondest dream to do beautiful paintings for everyone to see." Her participation in this show at LT&J is a coming full circle for her since she was the proprietor of the same property years ago when it was the Pahoa Arts and Crafts Guild. Says Sara of her former haunt and new venue, "She's done a really great job of the store."

Dreamtime and healing arts, meditation and spiritual practices are some of the inspirations of the visionary art of Jo Fochtman. Exploring her diversity as an artist, Jo has recently expanded her work as a stone sculptress to the more fluid medium of acrylics. She brings Goddess images in the night to life with the softness of the new mother she recently became on the island.

Across the great ocean to the island land of Palau, Joie Ngirmidol sailed to find tranquility. In addition she found her husband to be, Lorenzo, and the art form that was to capture her interest and passion for the next twenty plus years. Breaking with tradition that kept the carving to the men, Lorenzo taught his new bride the intricate carving of the story boards that told myths and legends of his people. As they relocated here to Hawai'i, those stories of their new land including the popular "How Maui captured the Sun", became featured as well. The varied scenes come about thusly as Joie says, "We carve according to the story we see in the grain of the wood." A must to see, experience. (For an example, click here)

Lola, and daughter Lisa, who helps run the Gallery (check out her necklaces and beadwork) and Michael are excited about their new spring series. As they agree, "We want to show the people that there are fine artists and fine galleries on this side of the island. Pahoa is one of the last old Hawai'ian towns and we wish to preserve and enhance it."

We invite you to see why for yourself. Come feel the Aloha at Lola, Tocaloma & Jewel "Woman Artists of Puna", showing May 2-May 14, 1998.

Lola, Tocaloma & Jewel
In Beautiful downtown Pahoa

Puna and proud of it!

For further information please call (808)965-0040 or Email:

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