Lola, Tocaloma & Jewel Gallery
Pahoa, Hawai'i
Tropical Dreams and American Realism
The Paintings of Anthony Dohanos & Stevan Dohanos
June 1 - July 15
During the month of June, Lola, Tocaloma & Jewel Gallery in the Old Pahoa Town will feature the work of Anthony "Hawkeye" Dohanos, whose clean, strong imagery & exotic tropical settings suggest a Bogart film, a Joseph Conrad novel, or the photo album of a black-sheep expatriate uncle whose hands still shake with a touch of malaria as he sips his gin & tonic and remembers the weekend he spent with the Balinese dancer in Singapore... 

An air of quiet mystery & subtle intrigue permeates Dohanos' work.  In one piece, a Grumman Goose seaplane sits on a dirt runway in the Bahamas, hatch door open, still waiting for some passenger or cargo.  In another, the same Grumman Goose banks over a distant sunset as a vintage white Rolls-Royce roadster waits on a pier & a neatly bearded figure in a white linen suit and pith helmet leans against a porch rail, fixing a sunglass-covered gaze at the viewer.  Tramp steamers ply foreign seas; a Japanese temple sits above its own reflection in a still evening pool; travel posters & pictures of World War II fighter planes are pinned above a small table arrayed with field glasses and other manly paraphernalia. 

Its the perfect show for summertime adventurers and for Father's Day and in honor of Dad, LTJ Gallery will also show several pieces by Anthony's late father, Stevan Dohanos.  The elder Dohanos was an internationally known illustrator and American Realist painter whose prolific body of work includes paintings, drawings, lithographs, designs for postage stamps and covers for "The Saturday Evening Post" in the style of his earliest inspiration, Norman Rockwell. 

The almost photographic realism of Stevan Dohanos' work can be seen in paintings that will be on display at LTJ Gallery, and for fans of classic American, the gallery will be offering a rare sale of several large prints of his Rockwell-style "Post" covers.

The display and sale of Dohanos' work will open on June 1, and new pieces will be added throughout the duration of the show.  Lola, Tocaloma & Jewel Gallery, features an ever changing selection of artwork, crafts and gifts by local artists.  The gallery is located in the big pink two-story building in the heart of Old Pahoa Town.

For information on the Dohanas' show or upcoming events, call: (808) 965-0040
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