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November 9, 2006

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Domestic Harmony Erupting Across Hawai’I Island and Neighbor Islands


*PlanetPuna* the Aloha Planet is pleased to announce for the first time in the eight year history of the Domestic Harmony Awareness Initiative, proclamations have been secured from the mayors of Hawai’I, Maui, Kauai and O’ahu. They can be seen on www.planetpuna.com.

Organizer Star Newland says, ‘We are developing an outreach program around the theme of ‘domestic harmony erupting.’ We speak of eruptions of violence or war as in ‘more violence erupted in this area today’. We want to encourage people to know that harmony can erupt too and they can reach out one to another to create more.

Hence, several events are ‘erupting’ across the islands, having started with Ernie Cruz Sr. Friday Nov.9, in Kailua~Kona 6-10 pm. at Rio’s.

Saturday, November 10, Ernie Cruz will address domestic harmony awareness at the Veteran’s parade and concert at Mo’oheau Bandstand, Hilo Bayfront; Sunday at Pahoa New Hope Church with Pastor Ernie Cruz, who is working with other church leaders to promote Domestic Harmony Awareness throughout the month and into the new year.

Kohala Coffee Mill, Hawi, will be featuring Los Chameleons Internacionale, from 11-2 then, to wrap Domestic Harmony Awareness Day, a concert at Captain Cook, just off Captain Cook Road, hostessed by Lindy and Stephany, also featuring Los Chameleons Internacionale.

Christmas Wish program is coordinating a Domestic Harmony Awareness concert at Wainae Coast, Oahu for 300 homeless people.

Lar Noreger is hosting an event in Kihei on Sunday and will present his latest music and photographic art. Copies of the respective mayors’ proclamations will be available and read at each of the gatherings.

Later events this month are being held at Shaka’s nightclub (Monday November 28, Pahoa) and at the University of Hawaii-Hilo.

Further information will be provided on www.planetpuna.com, along with copies of the proclamations.

Lastly, word from Navy Public Access Officer, Tom Clements at PMRF Barking Sands, Kauai, “I'm exploring a couple of ways to include PMRF in Domestic Harmony awareness efforts. Will let you know what comes of it.”

Ms. Newland says, ” When the United States Navy gets behind Domestic Harmony you know we are on to something. Our desire is to see programs made available across the Navy and other types of armed services to help those who serve our country have access to the tools and awareness needed to make a good adjustment to civilian life. We feel Domestic Harmony Awareness is a good component to this along with dolphin-based therapeutics.”

As always, volunteers and extra funds are welcome to help us extend our outreach and purchase many thousand bumper stickers that say ’Just Say Yes to Domestic Harmony’ and prepare neon green ribbons, representing ‘new life and new beginnings’.

Contact: Star Newland, 896 8658, planetpuna@yahoo.com, www.planetpuna.com


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