Domestic Harmony is Erupting in Pahoa

flyer 2 Join us in celebration of Domestic Harmony’s 10thflyer
Anniversary on November 11 2009
(11 11Domestic Harmony Awareness Day)
between 4 & 9 pm.

 Be part of the Eruption of Domestic Harmony in Pahoa, flowing between Pahoa Village Café, and the Pahoa Village Museum, featuring music, guest speakers, pupus and pot luck.  Joined by musicians, artists fun people and you ... the community, everyone from keiki to kupuna.

 Find out some of the elements that go into creating a unique flow of Domestic Harmony.  Bring your precious self.    Pot luck for yummy too. 

Share and please bring some extra food for those who can use it. 

                                 What goes around ... comes back.

Hear Pele’s Heartbeat by Tony Selvage, Dan Nix Big Island's own Elvis, harp selections from Oona McQuat’s new CD, ‘Honey and Holy Water’, Elena Welch and Ruth Ann Hayes debut with Domestic Harmony and more.  See  wonderful  art as you explore Pahoa’s Museum. 

 Proclamations/letters  from Mayor Kenoi, County Council, Mayors of Maui, Honolulu and Kauai  and the Us Navy at PMRF, Barking Sands.

 For More Information go to  or call 896 8658.