Just say YES to Domestic Harmony
Wednesday, November 11, 2009 10:59 AM HST
Come together with your community to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Domestic Harmony Awareness Initiative today, Wed., Nov. 11, in Pahoa Town from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.

This "Eruption of Domestic Harmony" is free and open to the community at large -- people who would like to learn more, connect, and those who just want to join in the fun. There will be music, art, food, and talk story with Mayor Kenoi, Council member Emily Naeole, other public officials and representatives of organizations who have embraced the positive focus of "Domestic Harmony."

The event will open with a Blessing of the Eruption. Entertainment will include fire twirlers, harpist Oona McQuat on her CD-release tour, Tony Selvage, Dan Nix as Elvis, Ruth Ann Hayes and others.

Start at the Pahoa Village Cafe for the Pele blessing, entertainment, pupus and to talk story. Walk next door to the Pahoa Museum, the hub for artists, potluck dinner, and more music. Bring an instrument, a yummy dish and join in this celebration.

Star Newland began the Domestic Harmony campaign 10 years ago, and has since received supportive proclamations from all the mayors of Hawaii as well as the Navy at Barking Sands.

"It came out of my work as a dolphin researcher and learning how they live in harmony as pods," Newland said. "Dolphin societies or pods survive under dangerous conditions only because of the closeness and support the members offer to one another. When we talk about domestic harmony first, we return to our natural state of caring for and protecting each other and can offer real prevention and real solutions."

Newland is planning more and more "Eruption Events" to establish more connectivity across the island and the world. Newland said there are currently 13 "pods" or support systems on the Big Island working on gardens, wellness care services, good nutrition, gentle gestation and birthing, play, life skills acquisition, technology and more, all using the language of Domestic Harmony and how to live it.

Newland has been working with the Hale Ohana Domestic Abuse Shelter, and brought an awareness, said director Denby Toci, "that we also have to teach the community as a whole how to have harmonious relationships... how to live, communicate and respect each other so we can have domestic harmony."

In addition to teaching how to change your thoughts and words to create harmony, Newland works with therapists and other healers to help a person clear the trauma of the past and to visualize and create a better life.

"Our work with pregnant women is especially important," she said, "to help them release past trauma and be able to offer their children a completely different experience."

Newland has also created an "outreach pod" for veterans to connect with local support services, wellness practitioners and talk story counselors.

As you drive around the island, you may have seen one of the 12,000 "Just Say Yes to Domestic Harmony" bumper stickers given out by Newland on vehicles, including county-owned police cars and buses.

The initiative is soliciting more sponsors to put their names on bumper stickers to give out to their customers, to support this positive focus and spread the good thoughts. Newland sends out thanks to Chika Nakano Repair Shop in Hilo, her first sponsor.

"There's a fundamental strength in coming together," said Newland, inviting all -- from keiki to kupuna -- to attend this and future Eruption events on the island.

For more information on how you or your family, community or organization can "Say Yes to Domestic Harmony": http://www.PlanetPuna.com, call 896-8658, or email planetpuna@yahoo.com.
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Lawrence Mahuna and Star Newland placing a "Domestic Harmony" bumper sticker on a county police car. - Courtesy Photos