Voice of the Dolphin

July 23, 2004

19th Anniversary Issue


Part I.
The Cetacea

Part II.
Goals & Projects

Part III.

Part IV.
Sirius Connection Highlights




Sirius Connection Highlights

Highlights of the last 23 years.




-June 24, 1984 –

Renee Stanley, television producer and talk show host meets
Toni Lilly at the Lilly pad in Malibu.
Instant rapport and a commitment to work together ensues
that allow Renee full access to the material gathered to date
to produce documentaries on interspecies communications,
water birth with dolphins and flotation tanks. She later meets John.




-March 22, 1985 –

Birth of the Sirius Connection

Her swim with Joe and Rosie Dolphin
(and their companion Roberta Quist Goodman)
inspired Renee Stanley to incorporate
the Sirius Connection upon her return home
to Vancouver, B.C., as a place for her planned films,
documentaries, books, research about the dolphins
including birth, relationships and
what we were to learn from each other.
For her, it was a remembering of the dolphins and
who we are to each other.
See: Star (Paradise) Newland Bio -

-April, 1985 –

The company was registered by
Attorney Michael Morrow with the
British Columbia Registrar of Companies.

Approved May 22, 1985




-January 1987 –

In Vancouver, B.C., she created a plan to "dolphinize"
the planet by creating habitats for
living with dolphins and other Cetacea and
explore dolphin attended human birth and
child rearing, and interspecies communication.
The plan included an interspecies communications/
research group - the Sirius Institute,
a subsidiary of the Sirius Connection.




-February 10, 1988 –

Her first child Tiger is born




First of several years devoted to being a full time mother

- September 1989-

Renee is asked to live with John Lilly at Lilly pad in Malibu to help him
recover from his last near death experience




-January 1990 –

Michael Hyson met her and Tiger, in Malibu at
John Lilly’s 75th birthday.
They decided to work together and
the goal of "Humanizing Space" was added.
See: www.planetpuna.com/siriusa/NewHumanization.htm
Michael Hyson Bio - www.planetpuna.com/hyson

-March to April 1990 –

We attended the Key West Institute of Cetaology
(KWIC) Conference, and planned the human/dolphin habitat and
research programs.

-September 1990 –

Michael and Renee create the first Sirius Institute proposal
detailing the mission and vision statements
along with projects,
for the Grateful Dead Foundation.
Our group is given tax exempt status
through the Human Dolphin Foundation and
John Lilly along with Carolina Ely are our first partners.




-December to January 1991 –

We added partner musician Charles Lucy,
were given a private grant and
relocated to Maui to develop dolphin habitats and
create the Song Swimmer musical communication interface.
This was tested with underwater speakers,
for use in interspecies music projects.

-July 11, 1991 –

We relocate the Institute to the island of Hawai’i for
the great solar eclipse.
Our first dolphin habitat was established at
Kehena Beach. Dolphins came to Kehena for 5 hours that day.
See: www.planetpuna.com/siriusa/EclipseReport.htm




-February 14, 1992 –

We recorded dolphins at the Hyatt Regency Waikaloa and created the first "dolphin music" [Available as the tape "Dolphin Valentine"]. Later that week we presented this work at the 3rd International Whale and Dolphin Conference (I.C.E.R.C), Kona, Hawai’i. John Lilly praised the work as "excellent and exciting".
See: www.planetpuna.com/siriusa/NewDolphinValentine.htm

-August 18, 1992-

John Kehena Newland Lucy was born to
Charles and Renee on Kehena Beach
with 200-300 dolphins
nearby and giving birth to one of their own.
Much of our focus since our arrival in Puna has
been the creation of a dolphin conscious community,
where many are involved in interactions with free Cetacea.
In honor of the birth a new name comes and
Renee becomes Paradise Newland for giving birth in
paradise on the new land, the black sand
beach where her son was born.



-1993, 1994-

Much of these years and beyond were spent
recovering from the devastation of John Kehena
being taken by the Child Protective Services
and then by his father.




-November 23, 1995-

We held our Sirius Institute Fourth annual
Gathering of the Partners of the Sirius Institute
at the Akebono Theater,
showcasing several performers, musicians
along with dolphin and whale presentations.
Over 200 people attended us on this
Thanksgiving Day for our Aloha event.



-1996 –

-November 23, 1996 –

We hosted our Sirius Institute Fifth Annual gathering at the
Ahala Nui hot pond county park for
a few hundred participants.
We demonstrated our
Computer/Vocalizer interface for
human /dolphin interactions and
played our tape, Dolphin Valentine.
There were hundreds of dolphins
when we showed up ...
we were told that was a rare occurrence.




-January 7-8, 1997 –

Sirius Institute in cooperation with
James Sanger (UK), Capt. Donald Bill (Maui), and Nixy Rickles (http://www.cybernaut.org/), played the first Harrison/Lucy tuned music to the Humpbacks, live, at sea.

-July 11, 1997 –

First complete homepage is uploaded to www.planetpuna.com,
our "coconut "/cyber-planet and home education domain
which showcases our work and that of the Puna community and
others with Aloha.
It was established before most of the Fortune 500 companies had websites and
has now been online for nearly 7 years.
For almost a year before this, we were giving weekly shows and
email demonstrations at Jo Mama’s and
then provided an aloha (free) Internet café all summer long.
See: www.planetpuna.com/jomama/josplash.htm

-November 23, 1997-

Sirius Institute's Sixth Annual Gathering introduces partner Roberta Quist Goodman speaking about her dolphin experiences at JoMama's cafe accompanied by musicians Randy Mattos and Tony Selvage




-March 17, 1998 –

Low Frequency Active Sonar, the Whales, and the Navy




-January 23, 1999 –

The first time a whale played a musical instrument,
in real time at sea.
We recorded Humpbacks triggering
a MIDI synthesizer off Kihei, Maui,
using underwater speakers,
a Vocalizer and digital audiotape.
See: www.planetpuna.com/CD and
Interspecies Concerts -

-November 22, 1999 –

Letter to NMFS on LFAS
See: http://www.planetpuna.com/siriusa/VOD/vod-vol-2No-3.htm




-March 14, 2000 –

We were accepted as Ambassadors to the Lawful Government of Hawaii
Constitutional Convention. Our presentation is the first where the Cetacean
Nation concept was accepted and used at an international level. We presented
gifts from the Cetacean Nation to the Hawaiian Nation.
See: www.planetpuna.com/CN/CN-main.htm
and: www.planetpuna.com/siriusa/LillyPresentation.htm

-April 3, 2000 –

Michael Hyson et al. to NMFS on LFAS EIS
See: www.planetpuna.com/siriusa/VOD/vod-vol-3No-4.htm

-April 30, 2000 –

A Tribute to John Lilly
See: www.planetpuna.com/siriusa/LillyPresentation.htm

-April 30, 2000 –

To the Navy on LFAS, & the Whales -
See: www.planetpuna.com/siriusa/VOD/vod-vol-2No-1.htm

-April 30, 2000 –

Hyson to NMFS on LFAS

-June 11, 2000 –

King Kamehameha’s birthday
and we celebrate Puna’s
"Unity in our Diversity" with a five band concert
at the Pahoa Aquatic Center
See: www.planetpuna.com/Hoolaulea/hoolaulea.htm

-July 13, 2000 –

Sirius Institute to NMFS Re: Navy LFAS "Take" Permit
See: www.planetpuna.com/siriusa/VOD/vod-vol-2No-3.htm

-October 13, 2000 –

- A Gathering of the Light -
Puna’s First Annual Harvest Moon & Hemp Festival
See: www.planetpuna.com/Hemp/hemp_main.htm  

-November 3, 2000 –

The Run for the Brain thanks the Sirius Institute
See: www.planetpuna.com/run/Run%20Appreciation.htm
And the Dolphin-Assisted Brain Healing Study

a proposal to investigate the effects of dolphins on brain trauma.

-November 3, 2000 –

The lawful Government of Hawai'i Thanks Paradise Newland
See: www.planetpuna.com/Paradise/RLHG-Certificate.htm

-December 16, 2000 –
Mele Kelikimaka!
See: www.planetpuna.com/DXmasCard/dxmascard.htm




-January 27, 2001 –

First Annual Winter Aloha Concert with Whale interlude.

-May 5, 2001 –

The First Annual Aloha Escort Concert for Dolphins and Whales
See: www.planetpuna.com/

-May 5, 2001 –

PlanetPuna Flyer
See: www.planetpuna.com/pp/PlanetPunaFlyer.htm

-May 16, 2001 –

A Resolution Recognizing May As
Whale Summit Month In Hawai’i County
As passed -
See: www.planetpuna.com/HiloResolution/hilores_cover.htm

As originally proposed -
See: www.planetpuna.com/docs/HILO%20RESOLUTION.doc

-May 29, 2001 –

Bubble Resonance & Displacement for LFAS Frequencies, and
analysis with Dr. Lee Tepley
concerning how bubble resonance may account
for the damage the Navy LFAS causes in Cetacea

-May 31, 2001 -

A letter from Paradise Newland to NMFS on LFAS May 30, 2001
See: www.planetpuna.com/LFAS%20Letters/Paradise%20Newland

-May 31, 2001 –

Sirius Institute consults with the USEA Project -
Underwater Systems for the Education of America -
Design, Patents by Emerson Burnett
See: www.planetpuna.com/usea.htm

-July 9, 2001 -

KPUA Interview with Paradise Newland & Michael Hyson
On Whaling, Music, Dolphins, Whales, and Interspecies Communication
See: www.planetpuna.com/

-August 13, 2001 –

First Whale Aloha Escort Concert Mahalos! Letter

-November 2001 –

First Domestic Harmony Awareness Poster Contest.
Paradise created this program where
the local children made artworks
representing domestic harmony.
This is part of our domestic harmony program that
educates people on how to live in harmony.
This program has now run for 3 years and
culminated in an awards luncheon.
(See below).
Some of the childrens’ posters were displayed
in the Mayor’s office, at the State Legislature and
in Congressman Case’s office in Washington, D.C.

-November 9, 2001 -

Analysis of the LFAS sounds Spectra and Pitch.
This shows what the LFAS sounds like and
reveals large powers at low frequencies
that are the most damaging to living things.
See: www.planetpuna.com/LFAS%20Analysis/LFAS%20Pitch.htm

-December 7, 2001-

Keaa’u Farmer’s Market Thanksgiving Concert.
Hear Paradise Newland’s Interview on KPUA
See: www.planetpuna.com/




-January 23, 2002 –

Hawai'i County passes a resolution
opposing the Navy’s use of LFAS Sonar

-January 2002-

Meeting with Mayor Joan House and presentation to the
City Council of Malibu, California
presenting our whale musical work,
and establishing an "Aloha" connection with Hawai'i County
in honor of their resolutions declaring
the Cetacea citizens of Malibu and
thereby entitled to clean water and proper treatment.
See: www.planetpuna.com/LA%20Update.htm

-February 17, 2002 -

Sirius Institute talk for Whale Day at the Malibu Phoenix See: www.planetpuna.com/WhaleDayMalibu.htm

-April 19-21, 2002 –

Sirius Institute gave presentations at the
2002 Earth Day in Los Angeles, CA.
We publicly inaugurated the Cetacean Commonwealth
on 4/20,
had performances by a Hula Halau
a live demonstration of an interspecies concert improvisation
with partner Nixy & the recorded Humpbacks,
coordinated dolphin/whale art show.
See: www.wholeearthfestival.net

-June 2002-

Presentations at the Santa Monica Yacht Club
on Dolphins & Whales.
We were told it was the best presentation they had ever had.

-September 26, 2002 –

Wellness Begets Wellness
Paradise Newland
( article published on *PlanetPuna*)
about our birth ‘camp’ (now center) project.
See: www.planetpuna.com/Wellness/Wellness.htm

-October 23, 2002 –

How to Live ‘En Pod’ Flyer for Earth Day 2002 published on *PlanetPuna*
See: www.planetpuna.com/EnPod.htm

-November 8, 2002 –

Eye Movements and Neural Remapping
During the Fusion of Misaligned
Random Dot Stereograms -
Michael Hyson
(work at Cal Tech)
(published on *PlanetPuna*)
See: www.planetpuna.com/ReMapping/P-1.htm

-November 10, 2002 –

Domestic Harmony Awareness Month Concert
See: www.planetpuna.com/


-November 22, 2002 –

1978 CalTech Space Settlement Conference,
Michael Hyson (Editor)
(published on *PlanetPuna*)
See: www.planetpuna.com/SSC/P-1.htm

-November 23, 2002 -

JPL Electrostatic Levitator
For Zero-G Materials Processing
( paper published on *PlanetPuna*)
See: www.planetpuna.com/Levitation/P-00.htm

-November 2002-

Second Annual
Domestic Harmony Awareness poster contest –
*PlanetPuna* presents our domestic harmony awareness proclamation
pictures are displayed at the Mayor’s office,
County council, Congressman Case’s office,
County and State offices and the Bay Clinic(a cosponsor of the contest).

-November 23, 2002 –

The 11th Annual Gathering of the Partners of the Sirius Institute See: www.planetpuna.com/Projects.htm

-December 24, 2002 –

Christmas Eve - Paradise Newland is made a member of
the County of Hawaii Committee on the Status of Women




-January 11, 2003 –

Domestic Harmony Awareness Poster Contest website is up
See: www.planetpuna.com/

-January 26, 2003 –

Domestic Harmony Awareness Concert Mahalo Letter

-January 26, 2003 –

Restoring the Grace of Birth –
bringing birth back to life.
Water & Gentle Birth Presentations
as a mini conference with 5 presenters
at University of Hawai’i Hilo
through Acting Director May Lake, Women’s Center

-February 9, 2003 –

Whale Valentine Concert, Maku’u Farmer’s Market
See: www.planetpuna.com/whale%20valentine.htm

-April 2003 –

Our first birth center guest came to join us - daughter delivered in June

-July 2003 –

First Language Sculpting Presentation at UH Hilo

July-August 2003 –

National Geographic Kids
features one of our dolphin stories.
See: www.planetpuna.com/kidsgeo

-July 14, 2003 –

Our CD " The Cetacea" is published
of the first time whales played a musical instrument.
The Humpbacks trigger a MIDI synthesizer
in real time at sea.
See: www.planetpuna.com/CD

-July 26, 2003 –

"Children, Drugs, the "Ice" Problem – and ways out"
by Michael T. Hyson, Ph.D.
See: www.planetpuna.com/ice

-Sep 11, 2003 –

2nd Water & Gentle Birth Presentation –
the new ground zero, zero – where life begins.
About conscious conception, gestation, gentle birth and
childrearing practices at UH Hilo through
Women’s center Acting Director May Lake
and the Committee on the Status of Women
for National Women’s Health Month.

-September 23, 2003 –

"Why a water birth protects the baby’s brain"
See: www.planetpuna.com/Brain-Size-Birth
by Michael Hyson

-October 2, 2003 -

Proclamation of November as
Domestic Harmony Awareness Month
by Mayor Harry Kim - Mayor of the
County of Hawai’i
See: www.planetpuna.com/harmony/mayor.htm

-November 9, 2003 -

Proclamation of November as
Domestic Harmony Awareness Month by
the County Council of Hawai’i,
which mentions *PlanetPuna*
See: www.planetpuna.com/harmony/county.htm

-November 21, 2003 -

Proclamation of November as
Domestic Harmony Month by
Hawai’i Governor Linda Lingle
which mentions *PlanetPuna*
See: www.planetpuna.com/harmony/state.htm

-November 23, 2003 –

Dolphins, Therapy and Autism
by Michael Hyson
See: www.planetpuna.com/dp.htm




-January 24, 2004 –

Skate Park Concert fundraiser - featuring -
Living in Question – co-produced
by Paradise’s son Tiger, herself, Ginny Aste and others.
See: www.planetpuna.com/skateconcert/

-February 28, 2004-

Domestic Harmony Awareness Poster Contest
Award Luncheon at
Restaurant Kaikodo, Hilo, Hawai'i.
See: www.planetpuna.com/

-March 3,2004 -

Hawai'i State Representative Helene Hale
introduces House Concurrent Resolution H.C.R. 44

"requesting the Governor to study the role of
gestation environments, gentle birthing practices,
domestic harmony awareness, and appropriate and
sufficient touch and their connection to public policy concerns
that include substance abuse, alcoholism, and
domestic violence"

- which was inspired by our work and meetings
with Representative Hale and
office manager Barbara Hale.
See: www.planetpuna.com/gentlebirth/

-April 8, 2004 –

Domestic Harmony Poster Contest and Concert
Mahalo Letter
See: www.planetpuna.com/dharmony

-April 12, 2004 –

Hawai'i Island Food Bank Honors Paradise Newland
See: www.planetpuna.com/Make-Difference

-April 22, 2004-

The first "virtually live" humpback sounds
were presented to Earth Day for the first time.

Earth Day University of Hawai' Hilo,
where the humpbacks were broadcast in real time
to the ceremony –
See: http://www.hawcc.hawaii.edu/eday

-May 2004 -

A 3-part Discovery Channel feature
called Amazing Babies will include
Paradise Newland’s birth
of John Kehena and will premiere in May




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