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August 15, 2007

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Welcome Hawaii- See these two 
Amazing Na Kahuna on the Big Island!



Twin Flames For God


Spiritual Knowledge 
Laupahoehoe Point

On the Sacred Day of 07-07-07 

Na Kahuna Kaleiiliahi & Reynolds Kamakawiwoole

Will take you on a Spiritual journey through visualization beneath the sea at the sacred portal of Laupahoehoe, on Hawaii Island . . .

These Ambassadors for the Divine will share with you channeled messages of Hope and Self-Empowerment as received by The Holy Seven, The Alii Nui Nui, Master Jesus, The Counsel of 12, our Star Family and more . . .

These messages are filled with love and inspiration for the awakening Humans who are discovering their divinity and their worth as "Pieces of God." These messages are for those who have claimed the Master-within and are here to receive the gifts of Spirit to enhance their work. These messages are for all of us who are wanting to know more and to feel the energy of Home, our connection to our Star Families . . to know we are never alone and dearly loved.

This is a portion of a channel received from our "Sister of the Sea" 

At the same time on that incredible day when they first arrived, Reynolds felt the presence, the HUGE presence of beautiful Being emerging from the water. In that moment so did Kalei and she began to sketch it quickly with her pen and paper. The following channel was then received by this great Being whom Reynolds got was to be called "Sister." Kalei got "Sister of the Sea."

Kalei asks; "Why have you come?" The Being replies; To show you how to take your power. To show you and anyone else who says "YES, I am ready with pure intent to be powerful! To use my power to serve Akua (Io) in the highest order. Yes! I'm ready!"

Please come and bring your Light to this Holy Circle and make a difference for Humanity and this sweet planet Gaia and meet our Sister of Sea.

Cost: $65 (Includes lunch! Bring water)
Time: 10 am - 3pm (I hour break for lunch and sharing)
Laupahoehoe Beach Park, Main Pavilion

Register online at www.twinflamesforgod.com or
pay by check made out to: 


P O Box 821, Honokaa, HI 96727 

For more info call: 808-937-3452 

Blessings to your sweet Souls! 




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