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October 3, 2007

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Progress Report
from the

Committee on the
Cetacean-Human Interspecies
Sustainable Community

for the

  Sustainability 2050 Summit 2007


September 17, 2007:
"I think if you are comfortable in saying: "we are in discussion with Navy officials..." then it is okay."  - Tom Clements

Looking back from 2050 and what we have to do today to achieve that future led me to call to PAO Tom Clements (above) at PMRC regarding a motion picture.

Here is the future we envision and are working towards as our contribution to the State of Hawai'I 2050 Sustainability Summit 2007.

We are in discussion to enter into agreement (Navy and dolphins along with Cetacean Commonwealth) that will enable us to proceed with a few projects; like the R& R or retirement plan for veteran dolphins, retiring from their tours of duty and able to work with rehabilitating veterans and to participate with our interspecies birth cohort - human babies born with, spend some time with and a part of dolphin life, resulting in a communications breakthrough.

When this line of research develops consistent communications between our species, then a whole new kind of world view and reality becomes possible.

WE have, especially in the last year since this Committee took form, made contact and are working with a number of partners, associates and helpers who have parts to play in the design and running of such a place.

A global centre of harmony comes about through our deepening relationship with Cetacea and the waters which we regenerate and repopulate as well as keep clean and quiet, and especially for the People who are now being birthed and raised gently, in human and dolphin pod environments.

And the aina which is tended sustainably, with ample fresh water provided by our own technology, frenewable energy (frenewable - "free +renewable" ), and other needed advances.

We are looking at four potential sites around the island to break ground in creating this community; we are working with kupuna and living treasures of the Hawaiian culture to perpetuate this way of being more connected to the waters through our birth.  Much ground work has already been laid. Funds are coming together to acquire land and to create the community.

A major motion picture, now in preproduction, depicting this progression, is a perfect way to create the program, accomplish what we can, and educate the world of this connection between our peoples, Human and Cetacea.

All of this could come about and be facilitated through this new level of cooperation and collaboration between us and the Navy, thereby putting the Navy in a very good position in peoples' minds, genuinely so.

Somewhere along the way we would be able to ultimately put an end to the sonar issue and maybe even war.

What could make us more sustainable than that our planetary resources could be turned to good use, our people living well and thriving because they are raised and tended so each reaches their potential?

In The Voice of the Dolphins by Leo Szilard, the dolphins help America and Russia get past the Cold War.  It would be a worthy outcome of this project to accomplish the same for modern times and help restore harmony to the planet.

In the Spirit of Aloha,

Star Newland on Behalf of the Cetacean Commonwealth

Puna, Hawaii
September 21, 2007


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