Reyon and MasterCat Puddah Speak


"Expand Your Consciousness"


Retreat to Maui, known as the Island of Life and the  

House of the Sun to experience:    


"Co-Creating with the White Whales in the   

New Golden Lemuria"      


February 26 - March 3, 2013 in Maui, Hawai'i   


See below for DISCOUNT AIRLINE INFO to Maui  

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We hear the calling to Paradise once again, it is a place that our soul knows well, a place of eternal beauty and harmony. As Light Workers and people who are committed to restoring "Harmony on Earth", we are called to return to ancient Lemuria to re-birth the template of Unity we once lived there. We are One with all life everywhere and it is our destiny to create it in our lives and share it with others! It is time to return to living and creating from the sacred place of our hearts. Do you feel the call to return to paradise to co-create with the Ascension stewards we call the Whales? 

This retreat is an immersion into becoming a Conscious Creator, co-creating with others for the highest and best outcome for all! This is the lifetime and the time we have waited for to create a life of harmony on this great planet. We have yearned for this time of the calling. Are you called to gift yourself with an opportunity to spend a week honoring the raising of your vibration and changing YOU?   

Blessings on 2013 and Living in Peace during the Shift of the Ages!

I have been receiving messages and information from the Great Whales and the Dolphins as I prepare for our retreat in Maui beginning Feb 26.  There is important information and exercises they are showing me to assist you in re-calibrating your very DNA as individuals.  Those who attend in the physical will then be able to access and hold a template that can be shared with the overall holigraphic possibility for Humanity.   Ask yourself if you are called to participate in the creation of this new template of healing frequencies that are perfectly suited for living in the New Earth.  
Laurie Reyon





Connecting with the White Whale Council - Star Seed Light Beings of Creation

Creating Your Light Body - Merkaba and Dolphin DNA Activations

Anchoring the Divine Feminine within You and on this planet

Conscious Time Travel to Re-script Your Life

Dolphin Birthing Possibilities and Realities

Interspecies Communication with the Whales, Dolphins, & Celestial Beings of Light

Creating a Water Wheel and participating in Global Water Blessings

Connecting to the consciousness of Crystals and working with Andara

Harmonizing with the the Great Central Sun - Portal of Ascension

Whale, Dolphin, Snorkel Boat Trip to the Island of Molokini

Concert with Kutira and Raphael




REYON & MASTER CAT PUDDAH - Dolphin-Whale & Animal Communicators and Spiritual Teachers    


GRANDMA  CHANDRA - Multidimensional Young Healer, Teacher, & Ascension Guide  

MARY MARTIN - Multi-Inter-Dimensional, Trans-Sentient Being, and Esoteric Mastery Teacher & Healer


STAR NEWLAND - Dolphin Researcher and liaison:  bringing the dolphin way of being to the human condition and offering insights from the dolphin perspective

KUTIRA & RAPHAEL - musicians, visionaries,  therapists, authors, film makers, and spiritual environmental activists.  Creators of "The Calling" CD.

2/26: Opening Ceremony with Kahuna's - Ancient Lemuria


2/27: Sacred Site Trip to Haleakala - Summit Volcanic Crater


2/28: Golden Lemurian, Whale Wisdom, Dolphin Birthing Conference, & Concert


3/1: Sacred Site Tour to Hana and swim in Waterfalls


3/2:  Dolphin, Whale & Snorkel Boat Trip to Molokini Island


3/3: Wisdom of White Whales, Kahunas & Polynesian Dancers, and Closing Ceremonies


Together with the Whales, Dolphins, and the Celestial and Ancient Beings of Light, we will open your light bodies with the ancient tones and codes. Your Crystalline DNA opens through the powers of the Lemurian Codes of Light; the Harmonic Overtones through the Language of Light that was first brought to Earth by the Whales and Dolphins.


Do the Ancient energies of Lemuria beckon you back to Maui, the Island of Life, and the House of the Sun? We are being called to greet the Ancient Ones, the White Whales that are bringing us the "Codes of Creation", through our visits to Haleakala, the Summit Crater on Maui and the Sacred Pools of Hana, connecting to the Ascended Pleiadian race.


Are your Soul and the Whales & Dolphins calling you back to Lemuria? If you feel the calling in your heart, we hope you will join us in Maui, Hawaii Feb 26-March 3, 2013 as

together joined in Love we will join in CO-CREATING in the New Golden Lemuria!


Blessings and Love to each of you!



Hosted by the Omni-Dimensional  

Mystery School

FEB 26-MARCH 3, 2013

Registration Price:



RETREAT NOTES:  Price includes transportation to all retreat activities.  5 meals are also included - 4 picnic lunches and breakfast on a boat.  Plane fare and hotel accommodations are not included.  


TO REGISTER: Please visit

Or, send funds directly to Paypal using as the link.                          Or send checks to Laurie Anderson, 3412 Las Vegas Drive, Oceanside, CA  92054   


Now is a great time to book your flight to "Expand Your Consciousness in Maui"

Hawaiian Airlines is offering round trip flights to Honolulu (You would then need a connecting flight to Maui) from the west coast from only $322!  Visit for more details.

Alaska Airlines is offering round trip flights from the west coast directly to Maui for about $380.  Visit for more details.

Also, Alaska airlines is offering special discounts on flights booked through 1/18/13


AIRPORT INFORMATION & TRANSFER - Note there are TWO airports.


- Kahului Airport (OGG):                                              36 miles from Napili Kai Beach Resort.

Taxis are also available each way for approximately $120. Shuttles are approximately $75.


- Kapalua-West Maui Airport (JHM):                              5 minutes from Napili Kai Beach Resort and taxis are available, approximate cost is $15, one way.   Courtesy phones are at the baggage claim for shuttle service.        


Expand Your Consciousness Feb 26 - March 3, 2013

Hotel Group Rates:  All Rooms are Ocean View


Note:  If you are on a budget, we encourage you to consider sharing a room with one or more other participants.  Please contact us at if you would like to share a room. 

Hotel Room

One large room with bath and private lanai.

Includes small refrigerator and coffee maker.

Accommodates 1-3 people.
Solid king or
two twin beds and queen sofa bed.   $251/per night  (Regular price $335)


One large room with fully equipped

kitchenette, bath, and private lanai.

Accommodates 1-3 people. Solid king or

two twin beds.

$281/per night   (Regular price $375)



Sleeping accommodations in both rooms,

1 or 2 baths, fully equipped kitchenette,

and private lanai. Accommodates 2 to 4

people (some accommodate 5 people).

Either solid king and two twin beds, or solid

king and queen sofa bed.

$516/per night   (Regular price $555)


Phone the Napili Kai Reservations Department on Maui, or visit their website to book online or view their webcam:



Hawaii Desk:  808-669-6271

6:30am-4:30pm Hawaii Time, M-F

7:00am-2:00pm Hawaii Time, Sat

Reservations Fax: 808-669-0086


5900 Lower Honoapiilani Road

Lahaina, HI 96761


Lemuria Awakening
White Whale Breach
Dolphin in the womb
Dolphin in Utero
Laurie, Dreamy
Laurie Reyon
Puddah on Cushion, Soft
MasterCat Puddah
Grandma Chandra in Cerise
Grandma Chandra 
Mary Martin
Mary Martin 
Star Newland with Dolphin
Star Newland 
Kutira & Raphael w/leis
Musicians Kutira & Raphael    
Maui - Aerial View
Maui - Hana Waterfall
Maui Hotel & Beach
White Whale Blowhole
Hana Maui
Maui Coastline
2 Maui Dolphins
Maui Snorkeling Spot
White Whale Head
Maui - Hana Narrow Waterfall
Maui Dolphin
Napili Kai Bay Sunset
napili Kai Entry View
Napili Kai Aerial View
Napili Kai Ocean Front View
Napili Kai Sunset at Low Tide
Napali Kai Evening View
Napali Kai Beach
Maui 2-Tier Waterfall
White Whale Tail
Maui - Brilliant Sunset