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'Whales Sing to the Stars'




'Whales Sing to the Stars' event for Earth Day, 2005.

"From before our first Earth Day event in Los Angeles in 2002, when we had a partner play along with our humpback whale songs CD, we wanted to feature live whale songs along with musicians joining in.

This year we can do that through as well as beam the whale songs towards Sirius through", says Project Director Paradise Newland, of Sirius Institute.

"We feel it is important to invite the Cetacea, the oldest sentient race on the planet to our Earth Day and listen to them,' says Dr. Michael Hyson, research director of the Sirius Institute.

"While Humpback songs were part of a recording put aboard the Voyager spacecraft sent to Jupiter and beyond, this is the first time that a live feed of the whales will be broadcast directly into space.

According to Deep Space Communications Network's Jim Lewis, the signal, broadcast with a five-meter parabolic dish antenna, will be detectable out to some 3.5 light years. Perhaps someone out there with better detection gear could hear our signal at the star Sirius, about 8.6 light-years (ly) away."

"We are working with other groups like America's Whale Alliance ** to bring
attention to them and some of their challenges."

In addition, there is an 18 foot humpback whale joining us from the Volcano Hiccup Circus so the participants at Earth Day will see a whale, hear the live songs from the whales while they are being beamed out to deep space and hear some excellent music.

This is the first major outreach project of the Cetacean Commonwealth, which celebrates its 3rd. anniversary this Earth Day. Its purpose is to speak and act on behalf of the Cetacea while encouraging interspecies communications that will enable them to speak on their own behalf.

Dr. Hyson and Ms. Newland will be on hand to handle questions about their work, the Cetacean Commonwealth and the lives of the Cetacea, dolphins and whales at the upper lanai. Just look for a whale of a tale ...

The Cetacean Commonwealth with the cooperation of:

Sirius Institute, *PlanetPuna*, Deep Space Communications Network

Whales to sing to the stars on Earth Day 2005
Press Release from Deep Space Communications Network

Listen to the Humpbacks Live from Maui
provided by the WhaleSong Project

Orca Sounds Beluga Whale Sounds

See story at
"Beamed into Space: Whale Songs"

We also are thankful for the participation of the following organizatiions in our Earth Day event at the University of Hawaii, Hilo:

Hawaii Community College

Volcano Hiccup Circus

Community Technology Center

America's Whale Alliance
They will be at Earth Day in Los Angeles
Preserving & protecting the whales

Singing Whales....

...picked up by the Whalesong hydrophone...

...are linked to the Internet ...

...and on Earth Day, April 22, 2005 will be...

Broadcast to the stars!

by Deep Space Communications Network


April 20, 2005

For Immediate Release

For further information contact:
Paradise Newland or Dr. Michael Hyson at:

Sirius Institute
PO Box 1645
Puna, Hawai'i 96778
808 965 965 9667 or Dr. Hyson 965 1892


The Cetacean Commonwealth is pleased to announce an original collaboration between the:

Sirius Institute at:
*PlanetPuna* the Aloha Planet at:
The Deep Space Communications Network at,
The Whalesong Project at,

We also are thankful for the participation of the following organizatiions in our Earth Day event at the University of Hawaii, Hilo:

Volcano Hiccup Circus at:
Hawaii Community College at:
Community Technology Center at:
America's Whale Alliance at:


Press Release from Deep Space Communications Network

Sirius Institute is a tax-exempt research consortium with the purpose of "dolphinizing" the planet. This means the integration of the Cetacea (dolphins and whales) into our culture. A second goal is the "humanization of space" which involves the settlement of the solar system and beyond.

Whalesong is a group of volunteers dedicated to inspiring stewardship of the oceans and the environment, and to helping "give a microphone" to important voices so they may be heard above the noise of the modern world. We believe that the voices of the natural world, and of Hawaiian and other native cultures that have a connection with that world, carry inspiration and mana’o (wisdom) that can help carry humanity into the future in a more benevolent way.

Deep Space Communications Network is a private organization located right next the Kennedy Space Center. DSCN was formed specifically to communicate with outer-space by a group of broadcast engineers and communications experts that regularly transmit from the space center. Deep Space communication Network uses state of the art satellite broadcasting equipment with redundant high-powered klystron amplifiers connected by a traveling wave-guide to a five-meter parabolic dish antenna.

** Americas Whale Alliance (AWA) will deliver its Earth Day message from a huge, 35 foot "Whale Bus," with hand-painted whales adorning its sides and outfitted to emit whale sounds along the way. Trailed by a 25-foot inflatable humpback whale, the bus is outfitted to show educational videos and provide information about threats to whales to schools and whale watching sites on the West Coast.

Sirius Institute


Cetacean/Human Interspecies Concerts
Prospectus Summary

We will produce the first interspecies concerts of dolphins, whales (the Cetacea) and humans playing music together -.

They will be recorded in true underwater binaural sound. Profits from a hit record of this nature will be substantial.

Part of the dolphins' and whales' communication is musical. With our Song Swimmer interface, developed by Dr. Hyson, Cetacea play MIDI instruments directly with their voices. You can experience this by listening to our "Dolphin Valentine".

NIXY, at Cybernaut Media, a Podner of the Sirius Institute, has created an interspecies composition combining her music with our "Dolphin Valentine" dolphin MIDI music.

See it here:

She is part of our team developing Interspecies Concerts.

We can tune our music for the dolphns and whales in their natural scales by using Harrison/Lucy scale technology developed by Charles Lucy.

We have designed a system for underwater binaural recordings and tested the Song Swimmer Interface. We are ready to build dolphin/ whale/ human concert systems for either poolside use with service dolphins or for use on boats with free dolphins and whales.

Means are now available to link whale and dolphin sounds to the Internet using wireless links and broadband. We have a locations in Hawai'i that provide easy access to both the whales and the net, either from the shore or from boats.

Software has improved so that we can extract from Cetacean sounds a full formant tracked representation of their output. which will convert their sounds to a full orchectral representation.

Full prospectus available with agreement of confidentiality.




© 2 0 0 6 by *PlanetPuna*, Sirius Institute & Sirius Connection 420
*All Rights Reserved to the Sources*
Updated October 9, 2004



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