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March 23, 2011

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Pod Project and Pod Homes and Pod People

It takes a pod to raise the whole child à in all of us. Star Newland

What does it mean to be part of the Pod Project?

It means being an aspect of a group consciousness that functions under certain guidelines.

What are Pod Homes?

Pod Homes are islands of stability and islands of sustainability. They exist to help bring humans together in harmonious ways.

Pod Homes are set up to be: self sustaining by enabling people to freely follow their interests, inclinations.

What would our lives, and the world look like when more people actually did what they wanted to do? What they came to contribute?

How would our lives be better and subsequently the lives of those around us?

What would we do when we had structure or guidelines of how we could relate to each other and were free to follow those inclinations?

When we understand the interrelationship between each of us and the degree to which we mean something, one to another, then we will have a sense of what it means to be Cetacea.

Oneness embodies the realm of connectivity, where we appreciate, feel and resonate to the reality of unity, of being part of something encompassing us in our uniqueness yet still part of the whole.

Purpose is to bring people together, to encourage exchanges of information, skills, gifts, time with the children û an extended pod of people to interact with on a regular or occasional basis.

Develop common values regarding living in harmony with all of life, develop what it takes to be an island of stability, sending out that steady vibration.

Diverse books of wisdom amongst the pod so the children and adults get to broaden their range of interests and children learn from many instead of one teacher to many children.

Some pod people are æresident pod people û those who may have a home base, a place for guest or visitor pod people to come to.

Others may come along for special purposes like to teach classes or pass on important material, or inspire a project and bring it forward, maybe fixing a house, or laying out gardens. Sometimes, too, someone may have need for a person around for a while to help after a birth, during or after illness, death or for companionship.

Part of the transmission of our culture involves playing music and doing arts and developing skill sets in how to express our unique creativity. Creating projects involving others, like music events or farmer's markets, craft shows and making them available to other pods through local interaction or via the world wide web brings us closer to each other and helps generate respect as we learn to work and create TOGETHER.

Still others may have special skills like being a healing practitioner who delivers wellness care services such as massage, craniosacral work, lomi lomi, acupuncture, nutrition information to the Pod Homes. Localizing wellness practices out in neighborhoods makes it easier to look after many people while maximizing resources. One person going to several places is more sustainable than many people going to one location.

Integral to having wellness pod people bringing their caring to the community they are also encouraged to pass on their wisdom to those who have a calling for it. Apprenticing is one way of calling it; we see it as the transmission of our culture* (see below), passing it on so there is continuity of information and data bases. This applies to any of the books of wisdom and their information, whether it be mechanics, cooking, weaving, producing events, learning video production, and so on.

Pod people from all over the world can be self identified and made available through a catalogue or listing so when someone wants to come over to meet people interested in sustainable practices or aquaculture, or pod living they can be connected to those who know

Pod people uphold certain standards of aloha, of sense of community, of oneness applied. We are good to each other because we are aware of our interconnectedness, we respect each other and their things because we respect ourselves and this is key to living in harmony.

Pod product is what comes of our time and creativity together. As we get to live life more creatively and freely what can happen with each other? Lots more new ideas and creativity comes about.

* The transmission of our cultures is what takes place as all of us are able to access the information necessary through pod living to enable us to be functional, sustainable, harmonious human beings. WE use this transmission to æeducate and school our children and the child in us. It is grounded in the life and play first æcurriculum, where our natural capacity to learn best through life and play is made use of.


How to Live 'En Pod'

If humans lived on land like Cetacea, the dolphins and whales do in the water, how might that look?

To live 'en pod' means that you know you are part of something good and bigger than yourself that is there for you always. Being part of a pod means you are valued and accepted for being you and bringing your own special self to the pod, making it richer and more interesting.

Pod people are kind and caring to each other because they know they are connected to everyone else and what goes around comes back. Pod people like to have fun together, playing, creating, sharing food and enjoying life. They spend time with each other in many different locations including their neighborhoods, homes, exploring the world and meeting up with other pods. Sometimes a whole bunch of pods come together for a big gathering like Earth Day or a concert or birthday party and they reconnect, share information, and have fun while forming a 'superpod'.

Pod children are raised or spend time in 'pod' homes, centered around the wellbeing of the children, just like the dolphins. The people who live here are called a podlet. There are aunties and uncles, grandma's and granddads, sisters, brothers and good friends too. Even if your own mom or dad is away somewhere.there can be a mom or dad person there for you.

Pod homes are islands of stability where people gather to help each other, care for the children, give hugs and other kinds of 'yummy touch'. like touching hands, feet, shoulders, ears, giving back rubs. This is the kind of touch that everyone can enjoy and helps us stay well. A pod home also has toys, music and art materials, maybe land to grow food, computers to make websites and learn about the world and neat stuff for the child in all of us to use, play and create with to make new things. There is enough food, hot water, extra clothes to share so everyone has the feeling of enough for now.

Members of pods each have their 'Books of Wisdom' of the special things they know that they bring to the group. They get to share this in many ways - like talking story, demonstrating, teaching classes, writing about or filming what they do. Who and what are some Books of Wisdom in your lives? Who do you know who could teach you how to be a rocket scientist, farmer, clothes designer, teacher, healer, musician, firedancer, housebuilder, solar energy technician and more?

When we are part of podlife, things are lots of fun and we feel closer and at ease with many more people.



What part of the DREAM is brought to Earth because of us?

There is more, we are stronger and life is better because we are part of pod life, because we function from the place of connectivity. We are there for others, others are there for us.

Who is part of this pod project now?
Where are they? Find the others.
How are they connected?

What are the areas of interest? What overlaps? What is unique?

Pod tube video and pod product. What do we create as we come together? We can put it up on our own pod tube video. Demonstrate pod life as fun, creative, sustainable, inclusive, rich and diverse.

A day in the life of the pod û reality show. Follows pod people around as they go about their pod connected lives.

They can have their own places wired for the action, themselves while they are on the move, and other places can be connected to the material. Who they meet, how they spend time, what happens or is furthered or passed on because of it, how does life flow better through the connections and relationship we have to each other.

People pass on their gifts and how we see them come back multiplied.

The pod project is about connectivity and relationship: Fun places to be with neat, fun people.

Who are we to each other?

What have we come together to be, do, create? What part of the DREAM is brought to Earth because of us?

Pod product, like events showcasing members of the pod performing or creating their gifts for their community can help provide training and practice in life long skills acquisition. This can then be shared via our pod net to each other and also to the world wide web or the podweb.

Why you, here?
Why me, now?

Why me, here?
Why you, now?

Questions about relationship help us focus on the answers.


Pod Name:

Contact Information:

Phone: (Home) (Cell)


Mailing Address:

Children (keiki):

Adults (including kupunas, older folks)

Do you have?
Computer access Digital camera Video camera

Please list gifts to share with other pod members:
With the keiki:

Areas of interest you would like to explore (have other pod people come teach you):



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