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August 1, 2001  

Hawai'i County's   Weekly Report 

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Mahalo to Dave La Rocca - the Hakaman      August 1, 2001

Jesse Dawn - Reggae & Rejuvenation           August 1, 2001

New Xcor rocket plane                                  August 1, 2001

Weekly Report for July 20, 2001

Marty Dread's Site

See the Grateful Dead Website
Soon to have details of Bill Kreutzmann's upcoming concert in Hawai'i
Also see Bill's
Ocean Spirit website


Come to the Lola Tocaloma & Jewel Grand Opening July 4, 20001

Come to the Hawaiian Kingdom Ho'olaulea July 14, 2001 

Go Hawaii.com Hawaii Calendar of Events

Hotspots Hawaii.com

Hawaii.com - information guides - Hawaii, Honolulu, Waikiki,
Maui, Big Island, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai

Stop LFAS Worldwide Network Opposes Low Frequency Active Sonar


A Resolution Recognizing May As Whale Summit Month In Hawai'i County

- May 16, 2001

Puna Contemporary Art Center

Aloha Safari


Puna Trails Website UPDATE - Trail Maps and Commentary   

Material on the Low Frequency Active Sonar Issue

Paradise Newland's Letter to NMFS on LFAS May 31, 2001

Roberta Goodman's Letter to NMFS on LFAS May 30, 2001

Michael Hyson's Letter to NMFS on LFAS May 31, 2001

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