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May 7, 2010

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May 7, 2010

Contact: Star Newland - 896 8658 or email: planetpuna@yahoo.com

     Celebrate Mother’s Day & Gentle Birthing with a 'Short And Sweet Spa' and more In Pahoa Mainstreet Pahoa Association, area businesses and *PlanetPuna* announce a complimentary Mother’s Day luncheon and fun! day event at:

The Pahoa Neighborhood Center (by the pool),
Sunday, May 9, 2010,
From 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.,

... in honor of Mothers, including our Tutus, and Mother's Day,

Enjoy "Short And Sweet Spa," and clothing exchange.
Bring ladies clothing to share and swap.
Dress up and photo-op for pictures in costume or play clothes.

For attending moms, you can learn how to make candy roses and other art.

There's an arts and fun corner for keikis to enjoy making cards while moms are pampered.

Earl, Bryan and others will provide live music.

     The Mother's Day event honoring Puna mothers was inspired after Mayor Billy Kenoi, through proclamation, declared May "Gentle Birth Month" and Mother’s Day "Gentle Birth Day."

      Proclamations from the mayors of Honolulu, Maui and Kauai will be read along with Mayor Kenoi’s.

     The event is spearheaded by the Pahoa area businesses that comprise Mainstreet Pahoa Association in partnership with the Domestic Harmony Awareness Initiative.

      Financial assistance has also been contributed by the East Hawai'i Local Area Consortium (EH LAC), who's mission is to improve perinatal Health outcomes for all women — with special outreach to pregnant teens and Pregnant women of Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, Hispanic, and Filipino descent -- toward the cost of the complimentary luncheon for the event.  

      *PlanetPuna* members will be on hand to discuss, among other things, the relationship between gentle birth and domestic harmony.  

     "When we encourage the involvement of the community through efforts such as this, it sends the message to our moms that you matter, and we care," said Mainstreet Pahoa Association Board President Madie Greene.  "We recognize that the amount of support and help we give to mothers contributes to their well-being, and their children’s well-being. We invite area moms to join us and meet other moms".

     Providing extra care and support for mothers, expecting mothers, and single mothers makes for better outcomes for all and a good Mother’s Day to remember.”

     For more information about the Mother's Day event, to RSVP or volunteer, call:     

Star: 896 8658;
Madie: 9657296; or
Ophelia: 990-0234



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