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May 28, 2007

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In Memorium and Celebration of Cetacea

Puna, Hawai'I

May 28, 2007


We bring greetings and Aloha celebrating and declaring our agreement to seek out harmonious relations one to another including Humans, Cetacea and Extraterrestrials.

The Cetacean Commonwealth realizes this on behalf of the UNÆs 2007 International Year of the Dolphin, in order to restore harmonious relations among humans, first we must restore harmonious relations with our Ancient Ones, the People of the Sea, our ancestors.

We are here to remind you of a time soon to come when we will have reestablished right relations with each other; when prophecy long told among our people speaks of when we will have rejoined to bring forward the Delphic tradition and involve the many who would join with us to promote common ideals of aloha, unity with life, life affirming actions and so on.

Henceforth, let it be known that we, the undersigned, resolve to live in harmony with each other and are calling the moratorium on this Memorial Day May 28, 2007, as we honour the lives and memory of the many of both our kind, Cetacea and Human, who have passed on in war and otherwise.

We agree to seek the wellbeing and ancient relationship between each species restored thus bringing harmony to our worlds.

Signatories to participate as a member of each species committed to make a difference by their thoughts and actions.



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