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June 16, 2001  
Interview with Paradise Newland & Michael Hyson on KPUA about LFAS
Hear Paradise Newland and Roger Christie interviewed on KPUA Radio
Dolphin Valentine   Dolphin MIDI Music
Sounds from the Puna Ho'olaule'a
"Wonderful World" MP3 (Stereo 32 Kb/s)
"Bound for Glory" MP3 (Stereo 32 Kb/s)


Bruddah Kuz

"Pahoa Town" MP3 (Mono 24 Kb/s)

"Talkin' Da Kine" MP3 (Mono 24 Kb/s)

"Hula Groove" MP3 (Mono 24 Kb/s)

Songs from their CD "Talkin' Da Kine" were performed at the show

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