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Mahalo Letter December 29, 2002

On behalf of Lola, Tocaloma & Jewel we would like to extend our great appreciation to the following for all their help in our recent

‘*PlanetPuna* presents Lolasgallery.com Coming out Party’:

A Nice Barber Shop, Anthony Colombo, Bayla Zena, Bossa Nova Boogie Band, Canoes Café, County of Hawai’I Traffic Safety, Da Kine Bike Shop, Ed Fraser, Hawaiian Arts, Hilo Downtown Improvement Association, Joy, Jason the Balloon Guy, John Ford, John Durkin, Julia Butterfly, Kastle Graffixx, Michael Hyson, Rock Island Gallery, Sharna, THC Ministry, Tropical Connections, *PlanetPuna* - the Aloha Planet and especially all the fine Artists who choose Lola’s as their gallery.


Please see our new website at www.lolasgallery.com

Lola Diederich

Paradise Newland


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