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Welcome to *PlanetPuna* and the Sirius Institute

Paradise Newland and Michael Hyson were recently interviewed about their research in interspecies communication & underwater birth on Tony McGettigan's program on KKUP 91.5 FM this Tuesday 2-4 pm (Pacific Time) available world-wide on the internet at:  www.kkup.com

Tony's web site is:   http://www.ncrising.com/  
Tony's program is a "Journey in SOUND." at:  http://www.ncrising.com/vibrational_voyage.html

We were invited by Cheryl Magill, co-founder and coordinator of the Stop LFAS group
Stop LFAS which is a worldwide network that opposes Low Frequency Active Sonar.   We encourage your support of their efforts.

You can see the STOP LFAS websites at: http://listen.to/lfas

You can sign up for their Yahoo discussion group at:   http://groups.yahoo.com/group/stoplfas/

An overall description of our work can be seen at: www.planetpuna.com/Projects.htm

One result is our new CD which demonstrates Humpback whales triggering a MIDI synthesizer as a step to mutual communication through sound and music. See www.planetpuna.com/CD

We have other material on LFAS here: LFAS

After the interview, Cheryl Magill wrote:

Tue, 20 May 2003 23:04:19 -0700
From: Cheryl Magill <

Subject: PlanetPuna dot com has all the answers.
(Could you repeat the question by using a diminished 7th?)

Hi, Stoppers!

Today, on Station KKUP's "Vibrational Voyage" program, Dr. Mike Hyson and Ms. Paradise Newland graciously placed a long distance call and contributed interviews & ideas to this broadcast hosted by Tony McGettigan here in Santa Clara. Happily, they shared information about their ventures in underwater acoustic recordings in Hawai'i.

Come to find out, they're pushing the new standard for Top 40
Cetacean Hits!

As a side note, I was also in the studio and while there... I was
able to share words of wisdom by Mary Jo Rice and offered Senator Feinstein's phone number more than once. (Thanks for that one, Mary Jo!)

Also worth mentioning - Tony, in his wise old ways, drove up our
listening audience's ratings by having an interview with an
articulate sex worker just prior to the interview. (Way to get those Democrats in action, Tony! )

And of course, to illustrate how much people treasure their Cetacean friends, Michael and Paradise told everyone about their dream of a Cetacean Commonwealth.

Come to find out, there are numerous resources at http://www.planetpuna.com and there, we're told, you can also catch the latest Cetacean recordings. The whales, dolphins and porpoises will get royalties for the profits made - so get excited about this idea.

Except... catch this action! It's not a recording OF dolphins,
whales and porpoises. It's a recording BY them!

Dr. Hyson and his effulgent mad hatter crowd have devised a method of providing acoustic instrumentation to all of Cetacea!

And what do the dolphins, whales and porpoises think of this new instrumentation with playback speakers underwater?

Apparently, one can only conclude that these guys think they need more rehearsal - because they keep coming back for more.

Want an explanation of what that means? Go to www.planetpuna.com and somewhere on the main page -
there is the answer. I asked repeatedly for a more specific link... but that's the best I could get.

I'm told there is a link to the musical recordings of these "pod
players;" as this quintessential group of musicians may be called - and that it can be readily located....
although I would be happy to post a direct link anytime. Anyway, there is a new musical language that's taking the sea by storm!

Thanks again to Michael and Paradise for sharing a vision of joy in the midst of alerts and warnings.

As ever, Cheryl

Thank you Cheryl!         Mahalo nui loa!


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