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May 31, 2001


Donna Wieting, Chief
Marine Mammal Conservation Division
Office of Protected Resources
National Marine Fisheries Service
1315 East-West Highway
Silver Spring,
MD 20910-3226
Fax #: 301-713-0376

Re: US Navy's SURTASS LFA Sonar FEIS & the NMFS Intent to Rule


Dear Chief Wieting,


In theSpirit of Aloha,

I am a Cetacean researcher here in Hilo, Hawai'i. My name is Paradise


My life's work for the last 18 years has been about studying Dolphins, Whales, their communications through the establishment of music as a common language as well as telepathy, their cultures, child rearing practices, pod consciousness and the application of their wisdom into our Human society.

Because of my involvement with the Cetacea and my participation with the Lawful Kingdom of Hawai'i, I have been prompted to submit for approval to the Hawai'ian Constitutional Convention March 13-14, 2000, an article (which follows) that lays out a desirable relationship between the kanaka maolis from nation to nation -the Cetacea Nation to the Hawai'ian Nation. I strongly recommend that NMFS consider who and what they are dealing with so cavalierly - an ancient race of sentient beings who have survived everything so far in millions of years of change upon our planet. The question now is -


Aside from the tremendously offensive actions of this LFAS and its devastating effect on some Cetacea so far (Really what evidence does it take for you to come up with the TRUTH - LFAS is a tool of GENOCIDE to the Cetacean Peoples) the NMFS FAILURE to respond truthfully to the effects of this are appalling. That something so dangerous and potentially devastating to our planet has gotten this far has led me to deep depression because I love the Cetacea and all they have shown me and represent, and because I am a mother of two sons, children yet. What will I say to them when you have allowed this genocide to continue and the only Cetacea they know are in films and videos and photos. What will I say to them when the songs of the Humpbacks are silenced and their breaching is long gone from sight? How can you possibly justify in any kind of way the use of this LFAS?

The Navy's arguments are so flimsy (the passive sonar is better at detection plus leaves our ships secure in contrast to LFAS which will ping and alert everyone to know where we are along with everyone else), their coziness with NMFS is really flagrant and rude.

It has always been a puzzle why, or when the Navy would actually use the LFAS. Since the essence of naval warfare is stealth, it makes little sense to use the LFAS, since this would "light up" the ocean and give away the locations of our own fleet. Why would the Navy choose to reveal its location?

One answer is that IF the Navy knew for sure that its position was known, and yet it had little idea where its adversary was, then they could use the LFAS to locate the adversary while giving away little new information.

It has come to our attention that there are people associated with Dr, Steven Greer's CSETI Disclosure project, which has interviewed many ex-military people, that the actual use of the LFAS has to do with what may be termed USO's, Unidentified Submarine Objects. Apparently, such objects have been observed from at least the time of WWII. For example, in the Pacific during WWII, a commander of a US Navy 17 ship fleet reported that while at sea, they tracked five objects that passed under them at a depth of 2000 feet and travelling at a speed of some 2000 MPH.

Should observations like this be so, then, the purpose of the LFAS becomes clearer.

IF the USO's knew where the Navy was at all times (which they might, given their advanced technology) then the LFAS could be used to find out where the USO's are.

LFAS, being low frequency is suited to imaging craft in the water column and especially structures beneath the bottom of the sea. We have been told by some 4 separate sources that finding USO's and their bases is the purpose of LFAS.

One technique good for locating objects or tunnels under the surface of the sea is time-delay spectroscopy, and LFAS could be used this way. Should the above be true, it calls for further analysis and disclosure by the USG and NMFS of this fact, so that the matter could be made public. The people have a right to know what is happening. Please look into and disclose these matters and take them into account in your deliberations.

It is reported that 80-95% of Americans and others of the world are in support of preserving and enhancing the wellbeing of our Cetacean people. Who are you to go against so much public interest? Who do you work for anyway? WE are taking back the planet and putting Gaia into the hands of those who will care for her and her children.

As an example of this, Saturday May 5, 2001 We held '*PlanetPuna* presents Hilo's First Annual Whale Aloha Escort Concert' at Onekahakaha Beach Park. The purpose of this was to send our Humpbacks off on their potentially treacherous journey to their summer home with an escort of what will protect and preserve them - our Love, our Aloha, our Music; and to share this energy with our resident pods of Whales and Dolphins who are so precious to us here.

For rest assured by your actions and lack of appropriate actions on behalf of the Cetacea, marine mammals and other ocean life, you have activated that 80-95% of US, who love and cherish LIFE. We are unifying the field that above all wants a beautiful planet to enjoy and care for along with our Cetacean ohana and the ET's, thanks to you. Your actions have mobilized us.

On behalf of the Cetacea Nation and speaking for myself as well, I recommend the following: You will do the ONLY appropriate action with respect to this Navy permit request and others like it in the works or coming along for 'incidental takes' for all the reasons you and WE already know to refuse NOW and FOREVERMORE any requests and that any further dealings having to do with the Cetacea be referred to the State Department, the United Nations, and other appropriate agencies and individuals.

In truth you are out of your jurisdiction in deciding this issue and WE want to go on record now to that effect. Further acts of harassment, slaughter and other Human actions deleterious to our wellbeing are acts of genocide against a Peoples, known as Cetacea. We ask you now to honour our Beings and let us be, living the life WE came here to experience, in harmony with the Humans.


Mahalo nui loa,

Paradise Newland

On Behalf of the Cetacea Nation


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