TO: All our Ohana, pod members, friends, supporters and Angels in Hawai'i nei

We are in California. We have met with the City Council of the City of Malibu to establish, with the blessing of Mayor Kim of the County of Hawai'i, an "Aloha Connection" between Malibu and Hawai'i.

Some years ago, Malibu established their coastline as a "shared human/dolphin environment" and this inspired our County's recent "Hilo Resolution" last May. Hawai'i also passed another resolution on January 23rd opposing the Navy's use of LFA Sonar.

We were pleased to present Aloha from Hawai'i to the Malibu City Council. Our request for an Aloha Connection was well received and passed with Yesses! from the City Council and Mayor Joan House.

We have been involved in a situation familiar to Puna - it seems that even the people of Los Angeles have hydrogen sulfide problems. Some 7 billion cubic feet of natural gas are stored under Marina Del Rey, Playa Del Rey and Playa Vista. Some of the gases, like H2S, benzene, tolulene, etc. from storage field leak into the soil and into the air above in sufficient concentrations to be toxic.

A health study, similar to one done by Dr. Marvin Legator in Puna is scheduled in about 2 weeks. Should anyone have ohana in these areas, let us know. Perhaps they would like to be tested.

We are meeting many fine people and enjoying the variety of Los Angeles and will soon have links to new authors such as Suzanne Cohen, our hostess here, to the Malibu Business Exchange - a bartering network that we would like to duplicate in some way in Puna, as well as seeing the Getty Museum, and an art show, among other adventures.

We intend to return to Hawai'i soon and miss all of you. The air and water are warmer, and our friends the Cetacea are there.

Meanwhile, we may have the opportunity to see the Grey whales here.


Paradise, Michael, Tiger.