Press Release

Thanks to Dave LaRocca the Hakaman

Pictures from the Puna Ho'olualea
Sounds from the Puna Ho'olaule'a
"Wonderful World" MP3 (Stereo 32 Kb/s)
"Bound for Glory" MP3 (Stereo 32 Kb/s)
KUZDEM Productions


Bruddah Kuz

"Pahoa Town" MP3 (Mono 24 Kb/s)

"Talkin' Da Kine" MP3 (Mono 24 Kb/s)

"Hula Groove" MP3 (Mono 24 Kb/s)

Songs from their CD "Talkin' Da Kine" were performed at the show

More music from the show will be added here soon!

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