Mahalo Letter October 27, 2000

Puna's Gathering of the Light

'First Annual Harvest Moon & Hemp Festival'


Mahalo for all the people who shared their places and those who attended our recent successful 'Puna's First Annual Harvest Moon & Hemp Festival' at the following locations over the weekend of October 13-15 - Pahoa Lounge & Fish Market; Huna Ohana Metaphysical General Store & Cafe; Pahoa Farmers' Market; Pahoa Aquatic Center; Pahoa Neighborhood Center.

To the musicians of AfterShock; Bossa Nova Boogie Band; Bruddah Kuz; Epe; Tony Selvage; John Ray; Point Blank Audio - Dave & Roger; speakers Aaron Anderson; Roger Christie; the Hempress; Dr.Michael Hyson for your gifts to *PlanetPuna*; Paradise Newland ...What a magical experience we created that weekend. Thanks so much for your aloha to our community. What a pleasure to work together again.

Cuz Creations and Patsy for our beautiful flowers, Angel Mike for your Light, the folks at Andy's farm & Jack for the stage, Adrian for all your aloha to my ohana, Ken & KPUA, Dawn & Steve; County of Hawaii - Julie Tulang & Ken Sowden who were so gracious in their aloha to our gathering in letting us use the Pahoa Aquatic Center for our poolside concert; Shane & Cassandra who took good care of the pool area during our stay; Craig who said Yes! first when he was approached to do another concert at the pool; Kathy and Kalama Ohana for the turkeys for our keiki table for the Angel Festival; Hawai'i Tribune-Herald & Lee; Safeways who kindly gifted us pumpkins for our children to color and the Logans too; Kea'au Kastle Graphics for their most beautiful poster and programme (can be seen at along with the complete Angel list); Kuulei and the folks at the Pahoa Farmers' Market for your support; Ulu; George Pua for your kindness; Dallas for your surprise visit; to all the Angels along the way; my sons Tiger & JK and to Elaine whose birthday we celebrated Friday 13 Full Moon Rise.

This Gathering is dedicated to Sasha Licht and her son Kainoa Abraham Licht born September 12, 2000 - what bright Lights you are. Mahalo for everything.


Mahalo nui loa on behalf of *PlanetPuna* - the Aloha Planet

Paradise Newland

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