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Oahu is the best known island, and is often called the "Gathering Place", it is the third-largest island with nearly 80% of the entire population of the Hawaiian islands. In Honolulu, you will find the center of commerce and industry and the celebrated Waikiki beach. Waikiki beach is the center of Hawaiian tourist activity offering beautiful scenic beachs, and the majestic Diamond Head rising majestically in the background. Waikiki offers a wide variety of hotels, restaurants, and fine shopping, all within an easy walking distance. MORE but don't miss the Hawaii Visuals HERE!

Maui is the second-largest in the chain, and is known as the "Valley Isle". Maui is the site of Haleakala National Park, an enormous dormant volcano. The port of Lahaina is a charming artistic community and boasts a Wyland gallery. On the opposite side of the island is the small town of Hana with beautiful jungles and lush vegetation. Maui was transformed by two volcanoes and consists of grasslands, tropical rainforest, streams, waterfalls, and white sandy beaches. Haleakala, the highest point of the island, affords views of Molokai, Lana'i, Kaho'lawe, and the Big Island. Rustic Hawaiian lifestyles can be found at I'ao Valley on the west side of Maui and Kahakuloa.  MORE but don't miss the Hawaii Visuals HERE!

Kauai (ka-Wa-ee) is the fourth-largest and the oldest geographically. Kauai has one of the wettest spots on Earth, and is referred to as the "Garden Isle". It is hard to find a day on Kauai with no clouds in the sky. All of that rain makes for one of the most beautiful islands in the Hawaiian chain. Because of its untouched appearance, many say it is the most beautiful one. Kauai has more rivers, streams, and waterfalls than any of the other islands. Kauai is the only island in Hawaii that does not allow a building to be built higher than a coconut tree (four stories.) MORE but don't miss the Hawaii Visuals HERE!

Hawaii or "The Big Island" as it is known by the locals, is the largest of the Hawaiian islands is. It is home to Volcano National Park the only active volcano in the U.S., that is building new land every year. It is the youngest island in the archipelago, twice as large as any of the other islands. Most of the Island's western side is dry and expansive, scattered with ancient fishponds and archaeological treasures. The famous Kona Coffee is grown on the west coast, and the Iron Man Triathalon is held on the Big Island every year. MORE but don't miss the Hawaii Visuals HERE!

The "state" of Hawaii is comprised of eight major islands, which are called the High Islands. With an array of sea, land and sporting activities from which to choose, visitors will enjoy hiking through
rainforests, biking along mountain ranges and swimming in the azure blue waters of the Pacific.Kilauea,Don't forget to check our complete hawaii map!
Hawaii Map   but don't miss the Hawaii Visuals HERE!

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