Paradise Newland & Drum

Something about Chuck is very touching. He is a very deep feeling man and is very humble. When he came to stay with us I thought this was neat this nice man who loves and makes drums & teaches us how to do a drum. So naive. By the time he left for O'ahu five days later our lives had been transformed by this very precious being. He came & joined us as we rode about our business in Puna, met our town friends. We were so pleased to bring him to our 'Good Red Road' of which he spoke as the Road of the Heart Path. I would say he felt at home. We opened to love him & let him in for he was one of us, returned.

He opened with prayers and smudge to bless our gathering, our sacred work of creating something that had a voice, our voice too. I watched him go from each of us to the other, patiently, ever so patiently showing us the same thing one after the other. When I faltered he stepped in to give a hand. He encouraged each of us according to where our drum challenged us. He pointed out some of the possible messages our drums were giving us according to where we met difficulties. Mine & I had a bit of a power struggle. I saw this too and prayed for balance and wisdom to know when to let go.

By the time he was heading out my door to his next destination, I felt moved to pass on one of my most precious treasures, a white porcelain dolphin with a little hole on top to thread a chain through. For a long time (for me - 2 years) it hung around my neck, a gift offered for an action of very high love on my part. It had been an acknowledgment for Aloha above & beyond the call of duty, a very deep healing. I passed it on with the words that he must be of my clan, the white dolphin people. He graciously accepted my gift.

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