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Chuck Grey Wolf's first drum class in Hawai'i
(Chuck is on the far right)

Chuck Grey Wolf - Master Drum Maker
of the Hopi, Apache Indian & Mayan Peoples
returns to Hawai'i Island this week.

     Chuck presents Native American Drum making & talk story. He gives an overview of the role the drum plays in all indigenous cultures, what a drum is, respect of the drum, praying over the drum, learning the meaning of the spirit of the drum, bringing in the lightning and thunder, the Spirit within and the healing Spirit of the drum.
     Learn the elements that go into making one from the skin of the animal to the wood of the tree round to where the sinews come from. These are some of the topics GreyWolf covers in his talks along with performances of Native American flute music.
     Meet the man who loves powwows, drum making and sharing where the drum comes from in the Native way.
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