"the Land of the Heart of Kane"
From: kahumana@aloha.net
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000
Subject: Save Green Lake

Garden of Eden Threatened

Puna Geothermal Venture request to Amend Geothermal Resource Permit, GRP 87-1
Kahumana Sanctuary

Aloha everyone,
Below is an URGENT appeal. Please forward this to all your email lists. (Please excuse the duplications you may get.) Puna Geothermal Ventures has requested to amend their covered resource permit, GRP 87-1, to increase production up to 60 megawatts at the PGV's powerplant, Pohoiki, Puna.
This permit will enable PGV to dip up to 30 wells plus the 7 reinjection wells recently permitted by the EPA. This expansion will most likely seriously pollute the Kapoho Aquifer. Green Lake, part of Kahumana Sanctuary, is the lens of the aquifer. The lake needs protection from ground water contamination. Permission for PGV to double production should not be granted until it has been proven that increased production will not impact the ground water any further. We request your help in influencing the County's decision.
The Green Lake Kapoho aquifer gets its name from Green Lake within Kapoho crater. Green Lake, known in ancient times as the "Waters of Kane", or "Pali Uli", is sacred to all Polynesia and was the Garden of Eden where mankind was created. From ancient chants, Pali Uli was known to contain three items: A kapu breadfruit, a sacred apple, and a lying serpent. The mountain itself is the lying serpent, a giant mo'o. (See attached aerial photo). There is a tetrahedral Heiau on the top of the mountain attributed to the Menehune pre-7th century.
In 1993, the County commissioned a hydrology study that reported Green Lake Kapoho Aquifer's TDS (total dissoluble solids) level was 33 parts per million. Other island aquifers measure 14-to-17 TDS per million. The report concluded that the aquifer "was probably" polluted by PGV activities during the highly documented 1991 KS-8 geothermal blowout, 1700 feet underground, 150 feet from the acquifer.
Consequently, the County ceased pumping 1 million gallons a day from its well (at a depth of only 40 feet) located in the middle of the Kahumana Sanctuary and laid a pipeline from Pahoa to Kaphoho.  Condition 13 of the present PGV covered resource permit, requires "the developer to provide potable water to the public until the pollution is mitigated and the water potable." The Pahoa/Kapoho waterline was paid for by the County (taxpayers) and not PGV. The County now says that no one is using the water from the Green Lake Kapoho aquifer. This not true because Green Lake itself is the top of the aquifer. It is a pilgrimage site and used daily.
We are currently using the water and are planning to build a health retreat. Wells will be dug on other parts of the property.
In the past, we have always kept a low profile, but now the Garden of Eden is being threatened and should be protected.  Incrediably beautiful, Green Lake is also the largest lake in the State of Hawai'i.  Recently, I sent the County of Hawai'i the attached letter concerning the PGV amendment.
We ask your help in the form of letters, e-mails or phone calls to the Governor and county officials stating your support in saving Green Lake.
Kahumana Sanctuary is a not-for-profit organization. Financial donations to help preserve and protect Green Lake are greatly needed and appreciated.
My letter to the Planning Commission follows.
Your letters may be sent to this address:
25 Aupuni Street, Hilo, Hawai'i, 96720.
The first mediation meeting date is November 20, 10 a.m. Also attached is an aerial photograph of Kahumana Sanctuary.
Planning Commission
Hawai'i County Building
FAX No. - 961-8742
Hilo, Hawai'i

Letter to the Planning Commission
Re: PGV Request to Amend Geothermal Resource Permit,
GRP 87-1, To Increase Production. Etc.
TO: Planning Commission Chairman and All Commissioners,
Please distribute copies to all. Mahalo
FROM: Kahumana Sanctuary,
Honorable Chair and Commission Members:
I am the property owner of Green Lake (TMK (3) 1 4 091 018), which is the top of the Green Lake Kapoho aquifer and the largest lake in the State [1] and which will be impacted by the proposed amendment to GRP 87-1, particularly Conditions 10 -13.
I also wish to inform you that I only received notice yesterday morning of the October 20, 2000, Planning Commission meeting from a community member. I wish to be included in the mediation process with other community members.
Please send all pertinent documents, including Application for Amendment to GRP 87-1, County of Hawai'i Planning Department Recommendations and County of Hawai'i Planning Department Background Report regarding the above referenced application to the address above.
I wish to formally request mediation and to be a part of the mediation process.
Thank you for your time and consideration of this request.
Yours very truly
Kahumana Sanctuary
cc: Virginia Goldstein. Director
County Planning Department

1 Lakes and Lake-like Waters Of the Hawaiian Archipelago, J.A. Maciolek, Hawaii Cooperative Fishery Research Unit, University of Hawaii, V. XXV, No. 1, 4/30/82, Bishop Museum Press.

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