August 1, 2001  
 Interview on KPUA July 9, 2001 - Star Newland & Michael Hyson
on Whaling, Dolphins, Music & Communication

Puna Trails Website UPDATE - Trail Maps and Commentary 

More material on the Low Frequency Active Sonar Issue
Star Newland's Letter to NMFS on LFAS May 31, 2001
Roberta Goodman's Letter to NMFS on LFAS May 30, 2001
Michael Hyson's Letter to NMFS on LFAS May 31, 2001
Star Newland & Michael Hyson on KPUA about LFAS
Puna Trails presents: Exerpts from Kepa Maly's History of PunaInterview with

Help Preserve the Garden of Eden

Hear Humpback Whales Live from Maui

Great Whales Foundation - Creators of the Malibu Cetacean Resolutions

Lee Tepley on LFAS Resonance
Voice of the Dolphin Vol.3 No. 4, April 3, 2001
Jean-Michel Cousteau on LFAS

Brigitte Sifaoui on LFAS Testing in the Azores

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