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March 23, 2011

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How to Live 'En Pod'


- Star Newland -



  If humans lived on land like Cetacea, the dolphins and whales do in the water, how might that look?


To live 'en pod' means that you know you are part of something good and bigger than yourself that is there for you always. Being part of a pod means you are valued and accepted for being you and bringing your own special self to the pod, making it richer and more interesting.


Pod people are kind and caring to each other because they know they are connected to everyone else and what goes around comes back. Pod people like to have fun together, playing, creating, sharing food and enjoying life. They spend time with each other in many different locations including their neighborhoods, homes, exploring the world and meeting up with other pods. Sometimes a whole bunch of pods come together for a big gathering like Earth Day or a concert or birthday party and they reconnect, share information, and have fun while forming a 'superpod'.


Pod children are raised or spend time in 'pod' homes, centered around the wellbeing of the children, just like the dolphins. The people who live here are called a podlet. There are moms, dads, aunties and uncles, grandma's and granddads, sisters, brothers and good friends too. Even if your own mom or dad is away somewhere.there can be a mom or dad person there for you.


Pod homes are islands of stability where people gather to help each other, care for the children, give hugs and other kinds of 'yummy touch'. like touching hands, feet, shoulders, ears, giving back rubs. This is the kind of touch that everyone can enjoy and helps us stay well. A pod home also has toys, music and art materials, maybe land to grow food, computers to make websites and learn about the world and neat stuff for the child in all of us to use, play and create with to make new things. There is enough food, hot water, extra clothes to share so everyone has the feeling of enough for now.


Members of pods each have their 'Books of Wisdom' of the special things they know that they bring to the group. They get to share this in many ways - like talking story, demonstrating, teaching classes, writing about or filming what they do. Who and what are some Books of Wisdom in your lives? Who do you know who could teach you how to be a rocket scientist, farmer, clothes designer, teacher, healer, musician, firedancer, housebuilder, solar energy technician, dolphin researcher and more?


When we are part of podlife, life is lots of fun and we feel closer and at ease with many more people.



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