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Worldwide Sound Healing Meditation Ceremony

Special Live Video Web-cast Event


Join in as we create a global pulse of consciousness to
facilitate a positive shift on our Earth

* Global Pulse will be Linked with the Global Consciousmess Project

This is a Galactic Alignment Gateway of a super high energetic impulse of cosmic energy that is available to change the very fabric of our reality. 

This ceremony has been inspired by spiritual visions
and communications from the dolphins and whales to gather
the collective power of human consciousness. 

Please forward this to individuals and organizations to gather
worldwide participation.

This event will be a multi-media ceremonial presentation and performance to create a global heart entrainment unifying the power of the group worldwide with a collective intention to honor all life.

This ceremony will include: 

* Guided Activation and Initiation Meditation
* Live Ceremonial Trance Rhythms
* Sacred Dance Higher Dimensional Energy Transmissions
* Vocal Soul Frequency Chants
* Visual Animations of Higher Dimensional Realms
* Special Harmonic Tuning Instruments producing the sound frequencies of the star & planetary alignment
*  Live whale songs broadcast from Hawaii

Live Event - Hale Halawai Center, Kona HI
75-5760 Alii Drive (Corner of Hualalai)
3:30pm - Doors Open
4:00pm HST- Live & Web-casted Ceremony Begins
(6:00pm PST - 9:00pm EST)
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* Please forward this to individuals and organizations to gather worldwide   participation.
Global Pulse ~ Honoring All Life   
Worldwide Meditation and Ceremony

The Earth has shown me the importance of doing sacred ceremony during specific times when the planets and stars in our galaxy and beyond are in particular alignments.  This is something that ancient cultures also knew and utilized these powerful times to experience deeper connection and communication with the heavenly bodies of our universe to receive the higher dimensional codes of consciousness so they could access and bring this information into the reality they were creating.  We too have the capacity to access this knowledge and experience a deeper communion with the universe, our co-creative ability and our multi-dimensional heritage. 

It is important to gather people specifically at this time to commune with the dolphins and whales to ignite a global pulse of unity consciousness to honor all life and deepen our inter-connection with our environment that we call Earth and the universe. The evolutionary process that humanity, our Earth, solar system and galaxy are in requires our full connection to be restored.  Through creating a global pulse of unity consciousness - coming together as one vibration of intention - we will ignite our hearts and souls to remember on the deepest level our connection with all life

The global pulse ceremony will be based on the five elements of creation and will be a meditation journey experience to restore connection with the consciousness of the Earth and the Universe. The dolphins and whales are frequency keepers and carriers and they will be assisting us during the ceremony. They will be joining us live as we interact with them and listen to the wisdom in their song. They are the planetary pulse keepers and they have a message for us to hear.  They are singing us the new codes of information that will connect us with universal time. It's time for us to listen to them together in a harmonically unified field with a collective intention to receive their wisdom. They will be recording the new records that we will be accessing and bringing into this dimension for the birthing of a new reality.

Part of the purpose of the Global Pulse Project worldwide meditation ceremonies is to create a wave of energy, a pulse on the planet - stabilizing the heart pulse in unity consciousness instead of in fear.  This is also stabilizing the experience and knowingness of our future.  We will be connecting with the rhythms of the Earth and the rhythms of the universe so we can be part of this evolutionary shift together and move through this grand alignment that is occurring in grace, ease, beauty, joy, and in unity. 

Galactic Alignments

Galactic Alignments are gateways that are created by a particular alignment of the planets and stars of our universe with the Earth. When planets or stars move into a geometrical position in relationship with the Earth, it sets up a communication channel.  This channel is a gateway for information to flow through.  The more conscious and receptive we are of this available channel, the more we can open to receive, assimilate and utilize this energy and information in our lives.

Global Pusle ~ Honoring All Life
Galactic Alignment - Dec. 29, 2007

This day is a highly dynamic evolutionary next step in consciousness. 
It's a day when things materialize before us.  It's when we can change our bone structure, our ego into our higher self in physical form. 

The dynamics of the energy on this day haven't been available until now - when the cardinal signs of Capricorn and Cancer are in their special placement with the planets.  Because of this alignment, the portal is open and we can jump in and access the energy and become part of the dynamic. 

Cardinal Signs are epic, they establish things, put them into action, and set structure.  The cardinal signs of Capricorn and Cancer will be activated on Dec. 29th  through an opposition. This polarization is acting as a divine birthing channel to birth a new energetic into form and will be more apparent at the Spring Equinox. 

This polarization that is occurring between Capricorn and Cancer will be opening the portal to the other worlds to go into the core emotion of our soul origins. 

Capricorn lifts the veil and opens a portal to the other worlds.  It creates the opening to bring the energy from the other worlds into this realm to materialize in physical form.  Capricorn is considered a Sea Goat in ancient esoteric teachings opening the dimensions between the sea animals and the land animals.

Cancer brings us deep into our soul.  It descends us into our core emotion and connects us with the origins of our soul. 

                                Powerful Electrical Energy Current

Sun (Capricorn)
-->->->->->Earth -->->->->-> Sirius (Cancer)
Mercury & Jupiter                                         Mars
  Cosmic Father                                      Cosmic Mother
          Star                                                         Star

In Capricorn we have the Sun, Jupiter, and Mercury - opposing - Sirius and Mars in Cancer. The Sun is our center of life energy. It heats up and sparks the command center of our own vital essence.  Sun opposing Cancer will be igniting the spark in our heart that connects us with our soul. 
The Sun opposes Sirius in Cancer only once a year - setting up a powerful electrical energy current flooding the Earth with light codes of information from the Sun and Sirius. 

Sun being the cosmic father and Sirius being the cosmic mother - we are giving birth to a higher form of our being.  Mars in Cancer brings the initiative energy into the depth of our soul origins.  Everything is in place to bring the cosmic awareness of our divine nature and the actual energy of our soul into expression through our physical form.

Jupiter heats things up and is the planet of increase and expansion.  It increases and expands anything that it is relating to. Jupiter has been collecting wisdom in the sign of Sagittarius and now being in Capricorn is ready to increase and expand that wisdom into physical form. 

Jupiter in Capricorn opposing Sirius and Mars in Cancer will be increasing the energy that's being activated and expanding it into the future million fold. 
Jupiter is increasing our connection with our soul origin to birth it into form. 

Jupiter is a bearer of gifts - gifts of abundance, health, hope, happiness and the balance of life energy.  Jupiter restores hope and helps us to sort out the truth from the false.  Jupiter will increase whatever your intention is that you allow yourself to experience.

Jupiter being in Capricorn conjunct the Sun expands your hearts desire into physical manifestation.  With the high grace and lightening qualities of Jupiter, you get what you truly wish for.

Mercury connects us deeply with our nervous system and opens up these more subtle communication channels.  Mercury in Capricorn opposing Sirius and Mars in Cancer assures that all the communications channels are open and quickens the speed of transmission in Mercurial fashion.  Mercury a messenger of the angelic realms also assures that only the highest communications will be happening during the alignment. 

We will also have a Grand Trine in Earth. 
Sun, Jupiter, Mercury in Capricorn - Trine Saturn and Moon in Virgo - Trine - Sedna and Ceres in Taurus.  All of this grand trine Earth energy will be activated and funneled through the Capricorn - Cancer polarization. 

Sun in Capricorn Trine Saturn in Virgo - crystallizing our self in physical form.

More on the Grand Trine in Earth and the Water Trines that are occurring
will be shared and experienced at the event and through the free live video webcast.

The Gateways are open and all the energy is available for us to come into a deeper union and embodiment of our higher self.  Let's create a global pulse of higher consciousness. 

Divine Blessings,
Director, Earth Consciousness Institute
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Earth Consciousness Institute is a 501c3 organization producing educational and ceremonial events to raise unity consciousness and reconnect people with the natural rhythms, cycles and consciousness of the Earth and the Universe. 

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