Dolphins & Whales

August 1, 2001  
Sirius Institute
Interview on KPUA July 9, 2001 - Star Newland & Michael Hyson
on Whaling, Dolphins, Music & Communication

More material on the Low Frequency Active Sonar Issue

Stop LFAS Worldwide Network Opposes Low Frequency Active Sonar
Star Newland's Letter to NMFS on LFAS May 31, 2001
Roberta Goodman's Letter to NMFS on LFAS May 30, 2001

Michael Hyson's Letter to NMFS on LFAS May 31, 2001
Bubble Resonance & Displacement for LFAS Frequencies (Table)

Interview with Star Newland & Michael Hyson on KPUA about LFAS

Scientific American Article on Supercavitating Undersea Weapons

Michael Hyson et al. to NMFS on LFAS EIS

Lee Tepley on LFAS Resonance

Ken Balcomb's Letter on LFAS, Dolphins & Whales

Excerpts from Ketten on Hearing and Acoustic Trauma

Evolutionary Principles of the Mammalian Middle Ear - Gerald Fleischer

Structural Analysis of the Tympanicum Complex of the Bottlenosed Dolphin
Gerald Fleischer, J. Auditory Research 1973, 13, 178-190

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