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Paradise's Birthing Experience

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Amazing Births

(Update as of September 7, 2004)

Paradise Newland's birth of her second son on Kehena Beach was to be one of 15 birth stories covered.  Regretably, Discovery has cut this segment from the broadcast version of the program.

Paradise has studied underwater birth for years and intended to birth her children underwater with dolphins.  

Her first son, Tiger was born in hospital by C-Section.  Her second son was born on the beach.  On August 18, 1992, there were some 300 dolphins waiting off the beach.  However, her baby presented as a "footling" birth, with one foot being delivered first.  Therefore, he was birthed on the shore near the sea.

About 15 minutes before this, a friend swimming with the dolphins saw a dolphin begin birth.  He came in after this experience and aided Paradise during her delivery.  Both mother and child were fine, with John Kehena "kissed awake" when the sea washed across his back while he was being held above the waves.

This topic was to be featured in the third segment of Discovery Health Channel's "Amazing Births" series.  


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