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October 19, 2008 

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Domestic Harmony to be Focus of Official County Observance

Published: Friday, October 17, 2008 11:13 AM HST


*PlanetPuna* the Aloha Planet was the recipient of a proclamation on Sept. 24 from the Hawaii County Council, sponsored and presented by Councilman Bob Jacobson, for a "Year and a Month of Domestic Harmony Awareness" through November of 2009, and designating Nov. 11 as Domestic Harmony Awareness Day.

"Hawaii County public servants lead the way yet again in the area of supporting Domestic Harmony Awareness, and we are very appreciative" said founder Star Newland of the Domestic Harmony Awareness Initiative.

Proclamations have come from Gov. Linda Lingle, mayors of all the islands, legislators, the County Council, and *PlanetPuna,* and can be seen at http://www.planetpuna.com/dharmony.

The proclamation is being sent to the National Counties Organization (NACo.org), inviting its 3,500 members to join to promoting domestic harmony during the coming year and month.

"Coming from Hawaii Island where Madame Pele is erupting new land and lava all the time, we feel that the image of domestic harmony erupting, bursting forth, is a good one,"  Newland said.  "The newest proclamation was read to Pele at the lava viewing area the evening it was presented.  She was erupting as we were reading!"

"We have more programs added to the initiative this year, and will be creating 'Eruptions of Domestic Harmony' whenever and wherever we can," Newland said.   Planned is an event at a local shelter, sharing videos about gentle birth, proper mammal upbringings, talks about domestic harmony, creating concerts, student raves and local music events, neighborhood potluck/pod nights where neighbors and friends come together in harmony, have fun, and express their natural creativity.

Newland said the effort's "Ambassador of Domestic Harmony" is well known Hilo musician Randy Mattos, who's working with the recently formed Musicians and Performing Artists for Domestic Harmony.   His work includes meeting musicians locally and beyond in his travels, and signing them to our group and the pledge to live, promote and support domestic harmony, arranging concerts and events, and creating new music.

"It is all for fun," Newland said.  "And yet we know that where our thoughts go, energy flows. Let's all send good thoughts and energy to domestic harmony."


Captain Aaron L. Cudnohufsky, CO
Pacific Missile Range Facility
Barking Sands, Kauai with Star Newland

Newland said supporters were at Pearl Harbor on Oct. 6 for a domestic harmony ceremony with Chief of Staff Capt. Don Hodge, and to initiate work on the first-ever - "Navy Celebrates November Domestic Harmony Awareness Proclamation."   

[Actually it was a Domestic Violence Awareness Month Proclamation signing ceremony]

Those who would like to participate in an "Eruption of Domestic Harmony" across the islands, by creating a gathering, volunteering to help in some way, raise money or make a donation, serve as an angel or an ally, should get in touch with Star Newland, 896-8658, - planetpuna@yahoo.com  

See:  www.planetpuna.com/dharmony



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