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Hyperimmune Egg Products
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Michael Hyson

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Guests of the Hawaiian People

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Wetline News

Science news and information
about the Sun-Earth environment.

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Local News, Events and Attractions

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Our work is featured in Chapter 12 of:
DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral

Description and ordering here

Sirius Institute Interviewed on:

Dolphinville Radio
November 23, 2004
(audio available soon)

Saturday, November 6, 2004
10-12pm HST

See Pictures of the Domestic Harmony Awareness Concert
Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Astronomer David Levy's Site
(Co-discoverer of the Shoemaker-Levy 9 Comet)

Our Appearance on the
Jeff Rense Program

Monday October 11, 7-9 PDT

Eileen Borgeson's Medici Arts
sculpture . awards . presentations

Jeff Allen's Holographics
One of the pioneers of holography

Election Party at Lola's Caf'e
September 18, 2004 4:20 till 'pau'

8mm Overdose
Mo'oheau bandstand, Hilo
September 4, 2004 5:30PM

JoJo the Dolphin
A unique human-dolphin friendship

Dolphin Heart
Terry Walker's wonderful site
on being wth dolphins

Lola's Boutique & Cafe Grand Opening
Friday August 13, 2004

Coming Full Circle
Stand for the Children!
To stop children being
wrongfully taken by the State

Thursday August 12
Ola'a Community Center
(across from Verna's in Kea'au)
5:30 till 8:30 pm

Erna Woo
Visual, Performance and Transformational Arts

Nassim Haramein's Resonance Project

Coming Full Circle
Stand for the Children!

To stop children being
wrongfully taken by the State
Thursday July 29
Neighborhood Place of Puna
5:30 till pau

Forgiveness Day Event

Birth Into Being
Elena Tonetti's new site on underwater birth

Serebella - an online information resource

Palace Concert
featuring Living in Question
June 23, 2004

The Voice of the Dolphin Celebrates
the 19th
Anniversary of the
Sirius Connection May 22,2004


Arya - Marble Sculptress

16th Annual Earth Day Fair
   April 22, 2004 Earth Day
   University of Hawai`i

Merrie Monarch Festival

Hawaii Island Food Bank Honors Star Newland

Marine Mammal Stranding Database

Domestic Harmony Awareness Mahalo!

Hear Humpback Whales

    Live from Maui

Reggae Revolution
Saturday April 10 Mermaids Grotto

In Memory of Hale Makua
   We will always remember...

Prince Kuhio Day Ho'olaulea
   Maku'u Farmers' Market March 27, 2004
   9am - 2pm

Laulima Puna
   Puna's Community Garden

Hawaii Volcano Circus
Attenborough Backs Pro-Whale Group

Resolution on Gentle Birth introduced
  by Hawaii State Representative Helene Hale

Domestic Harmony Awareness

  Poster Contest Award Luncheon
  at Restaurant Kaikodo

Sperm Whales and Fish in Alaska

Visit Hilo's Restaurant Kaikodo

Johnathan Goldman's Healing Sounds


Site for French Dolphin Researcher Sofi Boyer
(use Babblefish to Translate)

Dr. Emoto's "Messages from Water"
February 12, 2004 Hilton Waikaloa Village

Skate Park Concert - featuring - Living in Question
Saturday January 24 - 4 to 10:30 pm at Pahoa High School

Living in Question
A top Hawaiian Band

 November is Domestic Harmony Awareness Month!
Proclamations - from:
Mayor Harry Kim
Hawai'i County Council
Hawai'i Governor Linda Lingle

Other New Items

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Star Newland                        Michael Hyson


Greetings from Kahumana Sanctuary

Ziggy Marley Concert

Thursday December 18, 5:00-9:00pm

Send your Holiday Gift  to *PLANETPUNA*

Hana Foundation
Preserving Hana's Culture and Sacred Sites

Maku'u Market Ho'olaulea Nov. 22
Come join the fun!

LittleFeat Tours Hawai'i Nov. 19-23

Peace Journey Tour 2003

Native Music.com

Beautiful Hamakua Vacation Rental

Why a water birth protects the baby’s brain

Flowers Online
     - The directory for flower shops,  gardening resources,
          and floral information.

Navy's LFAS Limited in Federal Ruling!

Na Po'e Hoa 'Aina Pictures

Dolphins soon on cellphone 

Our Story in National Geographic Kids 

Forgiveness Day Event
    Celebrations of Forgiveness
    Aug. 3, 2003, Golden Gate Park 1-5pm

Children, Drugs, "Ice" & Ways Out
    Insights & Ways out of the "Ice"     problem

Our New CD is Available!
    Hear the Humpbacks & Dolphins Sing!

Hear the Orcas Live

Recovery Essentials
Nutrients for drug recovery

Healing Our Island
Dedicated to solving our "Ice" problem

Eco-Surf - from Japan to Hawai'i

Puna Web - a guide to Puna

Dr. Horowitz replies to FDA on SARS     Treatments

An Effective SARS Treatment
Dealing with Gravity
    Elena & Michael Tonetti's site on
    Waterbirth and Conscious Parenting

                                                  December, 2001
Items from November
November 2001                                                  November, 2001
Items from November

Alicia Bay Laurel                                                  October 29, 2001
Author, artist, musician

                                                     October 29, 2001
Cetacea restoration and preservation

Oona on the Road
                                                October 23, 2001
From Ireland

Kea'au Kastle All Hallow's Eve Party
                  October 22, 2001      
Come to the party!!!!

Star Interview on
                                        October 22, 2001    
Cherish the Children                                          October 17, 2001

Tribute to John C. Lilly, M.D.
Jan 06, 1915 - Sep 30, 2001
A tribute to our friend                               

Pahoa Orchid Inn                                      
Come see this beautiful place
                    October 5, 2001

Mana Yoga Center
                                     October 5, 2001
For Yoga, Adventure, Holiday Rentals

Earth Island Institute
                                  October 5, 2001
A protector of our planet

A Piece of Paradise 
                                  October 5, 2001
Vactaion Rentals

Tellington Touch for Horses
                       October 5, 2001
See Martin Lasser

Wizard of Eyez
                                           October 5, 2001
Dr. Glen Swartwout - for your health needs

Chuck Grey Wolf Returns to Hawai'i
           September 26, 2001
The Master Drum Maker returns - watch for
announcements of classes

The Photon Band
                                        September 1, 2001
A wonderful band from Alaska
Coming to Hawai'i in November

Hiiaka's Healing Herb Garden
                     September 1, 2001
New website location

Cherish the Children
                                    August 23, 2001
The new foundation's mission statement

Rowan Brother's Band
                                 August 23, 2001
Recently in concert in Kona

1st Whale Aloha Escort Concert Mahalos!    August 13, 2001
Mahalo to all involved for their Aloha!

The 2001 World Hula Conference
                 August 8, 2001
A wonderful site and great preformances

Sistah's Artifactory
                                        August 6, 2001
Jain Thompson Curator Showcasing Local Puna Artists

Self Study Center
                                          August 6, 2001
Insights into the link of culture, behavior and disease

Scott Taylor's
Cetacean Studies Institute       August 6, 2001

Mahalo to Dave La Rocca - the Hakaman
     August 1, 2001

Jesse Dawn - Reggae & Rejuvenation
          August 1, 2001

New Xcor rocket plane

Weekly Report for July 20, 2001

Marty Dread's Site

See the Grateful Dead Website

Soon to have details of Bill Kreutzmann's upcoming concert in Hawai'i

Also see Bill's
Ocean Spirit website

Go Hawaii.com
Hawaii Calendar of Events

Hotspots Hawaii.com

- information guides - Hawaii, Honolulu, Waikiki,
Maui, Big Island, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai


A Resolution Recognizing May As Whale Summit Month In Hawai'i County

- May 16, 2001



Puna Trails Website UPDATE - Trail Maps and Commentary

Material on the Low Frequency Active Sonar Issue

Worldwide Network Opposes Low Frequency Active Sonar

Puna Contemporary Art Center


If you want to see our June 21 Solstice Party Poster

Come to the Lola Tocaloma & Jewel Grand Opening July 4, 2001

Come to the Hawaiian Kingdom Ho'olaulea July 14, 2001

Bubble Resonance & Displacement for LFAS Frequencies (Table)

Interview with Star Newland & Michael Hyson on KPUA about LFAS

Scientific American Article on Supercavitating Undersea Weapons

Michael Hyson et al. to NMFS on LFAS EIS

Lee Tepley on LFAS Resonance

Ken Balcomb's Letter on LFAS, Dolphins & Whales

Excerpts from Ketten on Hearing and Acoustic Trauma

Evolutionary Principles of the Mammalian Middle Ear - Gerald Fleischer

Structural Analysis of the Tympanicum Complex of the Bottlenosed Dolphin

Gerald Fleischer, J. Auditory Research 1973, 13, 178-190

Pohaku Rock Festival II Saturday, June 2, 2001 at CD Wizards


Chuck Greywolf
- Returns for a Drum Class May 4-6th

Hear Humpback Whales
Live from Maui

Great Whales Foundation
- Creators of the Malibu Cetacean Resolutions

Lee Tepley on LFAS Resonance

oice of the Dolphin Vol.3 No. 4, April 3, 2001
Jean-Michel Cousteau on LFAS

Brigitte Sifaoui on LFAS Testing in the Azores

Pohaku Music Festival
March 30-31

Jahmani Productions


Bossa Nova Boogie Band

*PlanetPuna* Flyer

The Sanctuary

Sheldan Nidle's k "Your First Contact"  PAOWEB
language sculpted by Star Newland )

Come to the
Keaau Kastle Equinox Party!

Keaau Kastle Valentine's Day Party
(Poster 1) (Poster 2)
(Let Us know your Favorite)

Articles by Alan D. McNarie from the Kamaaina Shopper

AA Aloha-Cars-R-us. Hawaii Car Rental Search Engine

John C. Lilly, M.D.

Pam Jam

Gregg Perry and Peck Tunes

Help Preserve the Garden of Eden

Chuck Greywolf - Native American Drum maker

Come to our
Winter Aloha Concert January 27th

Kalikimaka Greetings!

Puna Ohana - Angel Festival

Welcome to Big Island Toys

Mahalo Letter to those who helped Puna's Harvest Moon & Hemp Festival

Alan McNarie - Author/Writer

Roger Christie's Hawaii Cannabis Ministry

Transformational Art - The Art of Saleena Ki'

Hi'iaka's Herb Garden

Reinstated Hawaiian Kingdom Rally - November 11, 2000

Run for the Brain thanks the Sirius Institute

Reinstated Lawful Hawaiian Government thanks Star Newland

Puna Trails
presents: Excerpts from Kepa Maly's History of Puna

Royal Order of Kamehameha I to U.S. Secretary of State on the Akaka Bill 

Barbara Warner to the Governor's Interstate Indian Council on the Recognition of Hawaiians 

Star Newland and Roger Christie interviewed on KPUA Radio
or See the Poster  for Puna's Harvest Moon & Hemp Festival

Mahalo for your support of
Puna's 1rst Annual King Kamehameha Day Ho'olaule'a

Oona & Friends

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