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Cherish: To hold dear, to treat with tenderness and affection.

To create the world we want to live in we start with that most precious gift of all - the child.; our own, others' and our own inner child.

By cherishing the children, by dearly loving them, we provide them with a connected, fulfilled life. We help assure their responsiveness to life in the same way, caring, connected. We feel that the direction and outcome for the world would be completely changed in one generation in which we 'cherish the children'.

It is our intention to create awareness about the importance of caring for and cherishing our children through programmes and materials and experiential situations like eco camps for kids & parents, home education programmes which foster closeness, unity and more.

We are preparing pamphlets, written information and multimedia events like concerts as well as a website for input from children as well as their parents and caregivers about what they include in cherishing behaviour as well as what they want to include.

The programme includes education packets for schools to teach children the importance of practicing cherishing behaviour, of knowing the difference between appropriate actions and other kinds. Passing on the concepts and language of 'domestic harmony' through school programmes helps establish standards of acceptable actions between the sisters and the brothers, and members of our ohana so we all get along better, including children from different schools and other ethnic backgrounds.

It is very much easier to be kind and caring with our children when we take the time to be with them, to be close to them expressing appropriate physical behaviour, like suckling, touching, hugging, sharing a bed when it is comfortable for all involved. This helps them to know appropriate physical behaviour from other and to establish boundaries with ease.

It is very much easier to communicate what we want with children when we use clear, open, accepting language. And, so we pass on the new technology called 'language sculpting', which facilitates clear communications and helps assure our children that they will be heard and understood. And we too.

It is said that most wars comes about through poor communications - when we encourage and teach good communications skills we effectively contribute to creating a more harmonious world.

When we cherish the children their lives are a reflection of the time, attention and caring that we put into them. They are a positive influence on their environments, they are easier to be with, they are bright and continue learning with ease because much more of their life is enjoyable. Everything goes better for them and those around them. They are angels, beacons of light.

They listen better because we are communicating better and very importantly they are more sound. This is because much of the stress of childrearing is eliminated and so their wellness remains high.

It is possible to make a difference in the world every day by practicing this consciousness in our interactions and lives with our children, with all children. And each other.

It is because of these elements and others that Marsha V., Founder, and myself have come together to create Cherish the Children Foundation, to pass on these very important values and to make a difference in the world.

Thank you for joining us in this worthy endeavor.

Mahalo nui loa,

Paradise Newland

Marsha V.

On behalf of Cherish the Children Foundation

August 15, 2001

Marsha V. (808) 934-8935 ; Paradise N. (808) 969-3160

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