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May 7, 2007

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Guests of the Hawaiian People


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Aloha and Mahalo Vegan Chef Todd

"Vegan Inspiration is artfully presented, filled with beauty and Love. It is teeming with exquisite recipes, essential holistic health information and deep environmental awareness. Vegan Chef Todd's book is truly a gift from spirit and a profound resource for health and conscious evolution."

Vegan Inspiration may be purchased at www.veganinspiration.com

Whole Food Recipes for Life

ISBN: 978-1-57733-216-9, 224 pp., 7.5 x 9, paperback, concealed wire-o binding, $22.95

Vegan Inspiration presents:

* Delicious and fun vegan food recipes from many cultures.
* Straightforward information about healthy cooking practices.
* Advantages and ease of vegan, organic, raw, and detox diets.
* An extensive glossary of food products, ingredients, and resources.
* “Rainbow Fusion” cooking that supports health and spiritual practice.
* Colon cleansing, food combining, acid/alkaline balance, and much more...

"Todd's food is truly a gift from heaven. The recipes are lovingly created with consciousness and healing intent. When I taste Todd’s offerings, I feel the love and blessings." Namaste, Deva Premal, Performing artist of The Yoga of Mantra, www.mitendevapremal.com

Todd Dacey has catered, facilitated cooking classes, and explored the natural health and wellness field for over fifteen years.

Jia Patton is the renowned “Food Goddess,” recipe author of John Robbins’ book, May All Be Fed, Diet For a New World. She is a cooking teacher who ran her own culinary school for fourteen years and is a Kali Ray TriYoga® Instructor.

Vegan Chef Todd and Jia, collectively, have experienced an extensive variety of tastes, culinary styles, wisdom traditions, and natural heath modalities. Together, they share a delightful repertoire of recipes and a comprehensive overview of pertinent information to support making healthy choices in harmony with life.



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